The Two Political Parties Who Want to Kill White South Africans Running for Elections

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Andile Mngxitama of the BLF (left) and Julius Malema of the EFF (right)

As of 2019 we know of two political parties (one of them being a major political entity) who wish to kill white South Africans, or at least have stated their intent to.

The Black First Land First (BLF) are the newest political body on the block having recently registered for the elections. BLF spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp stated on social media in 2016 that “I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!” This was by no means denounced by his organization nor by its leader Andile Mngxitama. In fact, Mngxitama has said worse. In reminiscing about meeting a “white chap,” Mngxitama states how this white person “understands and respects what BLF stands for. he basically would do the same if he was black. he wished BLF luck.”

Beyond the fact that a white supporter of the BLF would be far better off just slitting his own wrists as opposed to living under BLF governance, that didn’t stop Mngxitama from letting others know of his intent to murder this white man in the future: “if i met him ‘one of one’ on that day of great reconning my machete wont hesitate.” This rests well within BLF rhetoric of late including their views that white existence is a crime, that whites can’t join their organization, that all whites are land thieves, and settlers who need to be eradicated.

Mngxitama didn’t stop there, as in 2017 during a BLF rally he declared marching orders for black South Africans (of whom he claims to speak for and represent) to kill five whites for the death of one black in the taxi industry. One could list dozens more hate based, anti-white statements made by this organization, and as I stated in a previous article, what is most shocking is that the BLF were allowed to register for our elections! To add insult to injury they marched to the IEC building chaining “one settler, one bullet,” a phrase which claims that all whites in South African are settlers and should be shot. And even though this was in violation of IEC policy, the IEC registered them anyway, and if BLF representation in parliament goes unopposed then they’ll be on the voting ballots.

But the BLF are but one party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are another. Also in 2016, EFF leader and “Commander in Chief” Julius Malema stated “[the EFF] are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now” (emphasis added). Yesterday I looked at this statement and the verdict ruled by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). Shockingly, the SAHRC deemed Malema’s revealing of possible plans to kill whites in the future as not constituting hate speech! But I think this is undermined by simply interpreting Malema’s comment. First, it could be faithfully interpreted to say that there are “plans in the work” which would entail the EFF slaughtering white South Africans at some point in the future. The future denoting living under EFF. That’s the most obvious interpretation. The other way to view this it that the event of resorting to the slaughtering of white people is well within the realm of possibilities for the EFF. It is simply part of their rationale, a resort, so to speak, or a card to play when they need to draw their hand.

Malema has also previously stated his intent to “slit the throat of whiteness,” a clear instigation to harm. Why? Because racial and cultural groups possess identities (Afrikaners possess a collective identity as do Xhosas and Sothos), and to slit the throat of an identity is essentially a rationale to wipe the identity of an entire people out. What is a person without an identity? Almost nothing as without an identity a person does not belong and cannot live a purposeful and meaningful life. It is within identity and culture that human beings find their meaning and purpose in life.

I’ve also documented numerous other cases when EFF members have taken to social media stating the aspiration to kill white South Africans.

Sadly, turning to the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), won’t help white South Africans given how inconsistent they are on this matter and how little they care for whites. Inconsistent, why? Because on one hand they condemn the BLF’s remarks concerning the killing of five whites for the death of every black (although only briefly) but fail to condemn the EFF leader’s comments which betray a similar essence. The ANC merely deemed Malema’s statement as something said to his followers, and not worth their time and effort to denounce. It simply shows that the ANC doesn’t really care for white South Africans, and why should they? The ANC, along with the EFF, have long since spurned wooing over white voters to their party. Whites in this country are a minority (an increasingly threatened minority in view of the rhetoric stipulated above) and political parties such as the ANC have shown that they don’t actually have their well being in mind. If you can’t increase their chances of running the country by adding to their ballot count then why bother?

If whites are seeking help and they can’t turn to ANC then they must look elsewhere. The Democratic Alliance (DA) is perhaps their best bet for it is they who have shown themselves to be for all South Africans of all colours. The DA has been behind efforts to take the BLF and the EFF to court for their hateful statements made about white South Africans, and this should be appreciated.

Now, I don’t accept the white genocide conspiracy proposed by sensationalists, namely, that there is a genocide of white South Africans and farmers in the present. Nor do I wish for my views expressed here to feed that falsity. But what I really do wish to observe is that there really are potentially ominous trajectories taking place within South Africa, especially in the political realm, which actively seems to harm whites. This must be actively opposed.


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