SAHRC Says Malema’s “Slaughter” White People Comments Not Hate Speech (Reflection)


For those readers unfamiliar, the EFF are the third largest political organization in South Africa. It is a troublesome organization, with its members often resorting to violence at perceived injustices. This includes intimidating journalists, assaults, looting, tearing down stores (my condolences H&M), causing raucous on college campuses across the nation, and many more criminal activities, for a lack of a better word. Recent events in parliament have also seen non-stop disruption and attention seeking from the EFF such as deliberately disrupting proceedings, assaulting officials, and using offensive (and often racist) slurs.

Yours Truly Julias Malema’s record is probably no better than that of his disgraceful disciples. Yours Truly has been neck deep in controversies himself including the likes of sketchy contracts, money laundering, the firing of a live rifle during a political rally, singing genocidal songs and slogans (“Shoot the Boer), and verbally abusing media employees who are white. He was also caught on camera assaulting a white man in a fast-food outlet in Tzaneen.

Yes, shockingly this is the third largest political organization in this country and it wishes to govern. Feel bad for 2018 too for she witnessed a nauseating EFF rally in which Yours Truly claimed he was,

“… not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now. What we are calling for is the peaceful occupation of land and we don’t owe anyone an apology for that.”

Yes, this was recent, and yes Apartheid ended long ago, and this understandably upset a lot of people. The Democratic Alliance (the DA, and the country’s second largest political organization which thank God doesn’t want to kill white people) and minority rights group AfriForum criticized Yours Truly for his “violent and threatening language.” And in a rather valiant and noble attempt in promoting social cohesion the ANC declined to comment, fobbing off Yours Truly’s statement as merely something said to his followers, and not worth their time and effort to denounce.

But if one is to take the above statement made by Yours Truly’s then how might he or she interpret it? Well, I suggest two immediate interpretations. First, it could be faithfully interpreted to say that there are “plans in the work,” so to speak, which would entail the EFF slaughtering white South Africans at some point in the future. The future denoting living under EFF rule as poor South Africa withers away in desperation as it buckles beneath the pressure of a poorly devised socialist state. That’s the most obvious interpretation. The other way to view this it that the event of resorting to the slaughtering of white people is well within the realm of possibilities for the EFF. It is simply part of their rationale, a resort, so to speak, or a card to play when the pawpaw hits the fan.

It is simple: Yours Truly hates white people and he says as much to an audience of millions. In fact, if he and his party are not stating it they’re certainly showing it. Their silence to condemn the Black First Land First (BLF) supremacist party in the BLF leader’s despicable claim to kill five whites for every death of a black person in the taxi industry speaks volumes enough.

Unfortunately, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) doesn’t consider this hate speech. The SAHRC said that hate speech in this particular case was determined by whether the speech uttered was a clear intention to incite harm. They concluded it doesn’t. However, I must wonder how a leader of a major party stating his intent to possibly slaughter the white population of South Africa at some point in the future is not a “clear intention to incite harm?” I’ll leave readers to figure that out for themselves.

The SAHRC also defended Yours Truly on historical and contextual grounds. Sure, perhaps Yours Truly got some of his history correct, but the history and the context matters not one bit in retrospect of his statement. Why? Because threats of a future culling of the white species has nothing to do with the land claims, land dispossession, or historical backdrop which Yours Truly nestled his hatred for white skin and white existence in. It is also no good for Yours Truly to say that there is the possibility of slaughtering white people in the future then only to contradict himself in the following sentence stating that the occupation of land would be peaceful. I hate to break it to readers but it mostly certainly won’t be peaceful. We know the EFF and its Commander in Chief are anything but peaceful, and this is what is attractive to angry black South Africans in a post-apartheid South Africa.

But suppose Yours Truly’s statement was made by a white man to blacks, or perhaps it was made against Jews, Muslims, or homosexuals. One would no doubt see an arrest, harassment, and possibly a jail sentence. No-one would even be asking if it constituted hate speech, not even the judge. And when it comes to white people… well, judge for yourself.

At least it’s once against been proven clear that in a post-Apartheid democratic South Africa we’re all equal, but some more so than others.




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