BLF Party that Wishes to Kill White South Africans Registers for Elections

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Image: YouTuber, social commentator, and politician Renaldo Gouws has engaged in some good commentary on the BLF at his channel

If the story of their registration is true, BLF (Black First Land First) leader Andile Mngxitama, accompanied by a handful of supporters including BLF spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp, registered at the IEC yesterday.

How they managed to register I cannot say. Why? Because one has to wonder how they raised their election funds given that the BLF has declared themselves bankrupt, which required them to turn to crowdfunding for their deposit fee.

Worse for them was that a company, Sakeliga, through legal means attached themselves to their crowdfunding deposits. This came after Sakeliga won a cost order against the party from last year, resulting in the freezing of the BLF bank account. They therefore could not access their funds and requested followers to use an alternative means for donating election funds. This is recent news, less than a month old, so one wonders how they, after marching to IEC yesterday chanting “One Settler, One Bullet” (Settler referring to all white South Africans the party deems as settlers and land thieves in the country since white man’s arrival in the form of the Dutch in the 17th century) managed to raise the roughly R600 000 fee in such a short timeframe.

Upon their claim of registering, the BLF leader Mngxithama declared that they “do not accept white people into our party… we made this clear even to the IEC when we registered with them as a party.” Personally, I’ve read the obscenity that is the BLF proposed legislature stipulated on their website. They repeatedly make it clear that whites, because they’re all demonized as criminals (Maasdorp recently went as far as to say the existence of whites is a crime), can’t join the struggle. As bad as this is, this is perhaps on the milder side of spectrum in their legislative treatment of white South Africans. So, as I’ve stated before, in the BLF we clearly dealing with a hate group whose hate is predicated on anti-white, racist grounds, a sad state of affairs in a post-apartheid South Africa in which diverse races live and act in the same towns, cities, and provinces. BLF only serves to destroy relations, not to build them up. But if chanting genocidal slogans wasn’t enough, the BLF have previously stated their aspirations to kill white South Africans on both social media (Maasdorp) and in a rally (Mngxitama).

They are the same organization who have viewed the deaths of three white school children as punishment from God, praised the death of a white elderly couple who were shot in their bed, claimed they would side with a rapist if the victim was white, and that whites are settlers who need to be shot. They’ve demonized whites, attributed all evils to them, and want to mete out vengeance upon them. In fact, white existence is so contaminating and poisoning to the BLF that Mngxitama declared that when blacks march to slaughter five whites for every death of one black in the taxi industry that they should throw in their pets too for good measure. To the BLF it’s not only whites who are contaminants in need of eradication but too those objects within their presence which have been contaminated by them. We’ve seen this rationale spilled in human blood elsewhere in history.

Frighteningly, the BLF wishes to govern this nation but what I find so shocking is that their organization is even allowed and tolerated. Clearly, individuals making such statements are ill and need some psychoanalytic treatment. At the minimum, they should be isolated from the wider population for their own help and for the protection of others. To not do so is to tolerate their actions and their hate, to allow it to fuel their flame, and attract supporters who are equally as racist, bigoted, hateful, and vindictive. Such people and their organizations should most definitely never be allowed to run for elections or even have a sniff at the possibility of acquiring power and rulership.

I believe that the BLF are a nonstarter, a tiny, minority group who will never govern this nation. But to focus solely on this is to miss the crucial point, namely, what we allow in our country, and what we allow into our elections. If the BLF are allowed to run in our elections, independent of their chances of ever governing anything, it would indeed set a sad precedent in our country.


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