How Evidence Led a Virulent Anti-Theist, Darrin Rasberry, to Belief in God

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


This is the testimony of a former anti-theist Darrin Rasberry who used to write for John Loftus’ blog Debunking Christianity.

An analysis of the Debunking Christianity (DC) blog shows that Rasberry’s testimony is authentic and that he converted to faith in 2011. Importantly, John Loftus objected to Rasberry’s conversion claiming that Rasberry “was never an atheist in the first place.” Rasberry would, of course, disagree with Loftus.

Rasberry begins by touching on his former anti-religious agenda,

“Some time last week, I realized that I could no longer call myself a skeptic. After fifteen years away from Christianity, most of which was spent as an atheist with an active, busy intent on destroying the faith, I returned to a church (with a real intention of going for worship) last Sunday. Although I know I may struggle with doubt for the rest of my life, my life as an atheist…

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