Faces of Evil: BLF’s Lindsay Maasdorp


In a debate on his YouTube channel, Renaldo Gouws, a politician in the Democratic Alliance and political-social commentator, hosted Black First Land First’s spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp. The debate is one of several “Sunday debates” that Gouws has hosted on his channel.

The debates are more like discussions rather than formal exchanges with the process of opening speeches, rebuttals, Q&A, etc.. Regardless, Gouw’s “debates” are a good means for bringing together representatives of different ideological groups into discussion. On the 19 of August it was Maasdorp, the national spokesperson for black supremacist and nationalist group BLF. Maasdorp is considered an authority in the “revolutionary” movement and is a frequent activist for its cause.

The BLF has made its disdain for white South Africans clear. Maasdorp, for instance, stated that a white person’s existence is “a crime,” which is a view that meshes well with the party’s notion that all white South Africans are alien settlers and therefore criminals who illegally possess land in South Africa (1). Maasdorp also posted on his Twitter account that: “I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!” Maasdorp celebrated the tragic deaths of several white school pupils who perished after a concerete walkway collapsed on them saying that this had eliminated “three future problems” from the world. Maasdorp states,

“I would ‘mourn’ the deaths of the victims if they turned out to be black but ‘celebrate’ them if they were white. If our God has finally intervened and our ancestors have petitioned and seen that these white land thieves have now died then I definitely celebrate it. I celebrate the death of our enemies, their children, their cats and their dogs. That is our position.”

Maasdorp also celebrate the murder of a white couple who were shot dead in their bed while asleep on their farm.

Many more shocking sentiments could be noted, perhaps one of which comes from the aforementioned debate with Gouws within which Maasdorp stated that he would support a rapist as long as the victim is white and the rapist is black. Here are Maasdorp’s words:

“There is no black person in this country that we won’t defend when they come into a fight with white people… Annanias Mathe, the Mozambican brother who was robbing all over the suburbs, white peoples homes, he was raping white women, that’s a reality, he died I think last year or the year before… that’s a reality. Me, I stand with Annanias Mathe.” (emphasis added)

View this short clip from the debate:

Maasdorp’s condoning the activities of an individual like Mathe is shocking. Mathe was convicted of 67 of 71 counts of murder, attempted murder, rape, and armed robbery. Maasdorp celebrates violent and traumatic crime when whites are the victims and blacks are the perpetrators. By inference, Maasdorp would no doubt condemn the perpetrator if he was white and the victim black. Maasdorp condemns white people simply for existing.

In an age where gender-based violence awareness is considered important, Maasdorp’s statement is frightening and should be condemned. After all, rape is one of the most physically, emotionally, and psychologically traumatic experiences a person could ever endure.

That Maasdorp openly celebrates the death of white children, including the violent murder of farmers, the rape of white women, supports serial killers (notably if there victims are white), and states his desire to want to eliminate whites from the face of the planet places him high up on the list of the most evil individuals in South Africa.


1. Friedman, D. 2018. White existence is a crime, says BLF spokesperson. Available.

2. Pijoos, I. 2018. Complaints pour in over Andile Mngxitama’s ‘kill whites speech.’ Available.



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