God’s Omnipotence and Logical Impossibilities.

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Statements such as “God can do anything,” or “Nothing is impossible for God” are commonly said by those who have faith in God’s ability to work to the benefit of people in diverse circumstances. This is because the Christian believes that God is omnipotent (all powerful) and that means nothing is too difficult for him. So, if God wants to reward one for a specific deed or, alternatively, punish one for a deed to do so is hardly too difficult for God. However, historically speaking, divine omnipotence has always been defined in terms of God’s ability to do whatever is logically possible (minus the exception of Rene Descartes). In other words, although God is all powerful it does not mean he can do what is logically impossible. For example, God cannot make a square circle or a two pointed triangle. God cannot make a rock so big that he cannot lift it since that would be for God to make an infinite finite rock. Such are mutually exclusive categories and thus such an object would be logically incoherent. In a way it would be to ask God to make bring it about that Jesus both died on the cross and did not die on the cross. We would consider that to be a logical contradiction. However, this is not an inability on God’s part that somehow renders him less than all powerful. God being omnipotent (all powerful) does not mean he can do things that are logical impossible. Simply put, there is simply no such thing as a square circle or a two pointed triangle; they don’t exist. In other words, they are self-contradictory combinations of words that have no meaning. So, when the theist says that God can do anything, he means that God can do anything that is logically possible.



    • God’s creating of a “perfect world RIGHT NOW” would go contrary to his purposes. A perfect world would make mankind merely robots bowing to God’s authority. Instead, God wants us to freely embrace him which means that we have the opportunity to distance ourselves from him and commit acts contrary to his good intentions. A perfect world is not feasible if God wants to sustain our freewill.

    • A “perfect’ world would deny mankind the opportunity to freely accept or reject God. God wants us to be willing to enter into a relationship with him. That would require one the ability to reject him. Rejecting him is exactly why the world is not “perfect.”

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