Iranian Muslims (“Abby,” “Barbara,” Dennis”) Follow Jesus After Visions.



In conversation with CBN (1) a former Muslim man, Fabian (not his real name), recounts how allegiance to Jesus has grown in hostile Muslim communities. In these communities, according to Fabian, there are lots of people “killing lives and bringing so much pain and suffering – on the other hand, we’re seeing the rise of the presence of God, worship, prayer, experiencing Jesus and people being open to the gospel and being open to follow Him, even from Muslim background.”

Fabian also leads a house of prayer in Kurdistan. He said he’s met a number of people who allegedly have had supernatural encounters with Jesus: “People in these streets and in these refugee camps, from places where ISIS has occupied, even people from here are encountering Jesus in dreams and visions.


A woman (“Abby”) in a group of Iranians, all with their identities concealed, explained that “Suddenly, one of the nights when I was in my bed, I just dreamed and the Light was speaking as I’m speaking to you now.” According to this woman “It was speaking to me and calling my name verbally and saying ‘Come to me. I will save you and I will rescue you.

However, she had her reservations about this dream: “I believed in the dream, but I didn’t surrender my whole life to the source of the light, which was Christ.” Soon, however, she, alongside her own mother, made their choice: “we made our own decision to follow Jesus with all our hearts.”

Yet, much like other Muslims who have converted to Christianity, Abby explains the dangers and the enormity of this decision: “If people knew about my faith, I would be rejected by the people. This is a kind of social persecution. If the government knew about my faith, I would be executed or hanging in the street at once.”


Barbara explains that she had begun to read the New Testament: “When I first started to read the gospel, a power came out through the Bible to my heart. It was just like a small rock in the middle of a sea, yes, of the sea … a power came into my life and I felt that I’m not the same person.” This was then met with a vision, in a dream, that she had of Jesus:

One of the nights when I went to my bed I saw, I saw Jesus. He was talking about me in heaven—about the kingdom of God. When I saw Jesus, He was pointing out to me. Later He told me that I had to read the Gospel in order to strengthen my faith and be able to share my faith with my friends.”

This, to Barbara, felt like “a very huge, big treasure.” Sadly, this is often overshadowed by the dangers Christians like her face in Muslim counties such as Iran: “You know Iran is a very dangerous place. If you don’t think just like the others or the majority, you’d be considered as a rebel. So that means you will choose your fate or your death by your own hand.


A man called “Dennis” also had a dream: “In the dream, I still remember some marks on His face and that He was wearing a crown, a King’s crown on His head. Very strong brightness came out of each part of His body and many people were bowing down before Him.”

This experience has had a long lasting impact of his life: “I still live on the memory of that dream. It’s still alive in me and it’s with me every day.

I remember in my mind the sense that I saw in heaven. He’s showed me many different things since I believed in Jesus. But that dream became a turning point in my life.”

However, Dennis clearly believes that he is not the only one, as a former Muslim, who has had a dream about Jesus: “Yes, many people are coming to Christ through a dream. You cannot imagine how Jesus is appearing to them.”


1. Mitchell, C. 2015. Supernatural Dreams Open Doors for Jesus in Iran. Available.


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