John Lennox – Philosopher of Science and Mathematician

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John Lennox (b. 1943) is a mathematician, philosopher of science, and well-known defender of the truth of Christianity. He is Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) (University of Oxford), Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science (Green Templeton College, Oxford), Associate Fellow of the Said Business School (Oxford University), the Adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall (Oxford University) and the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum, and lecturer at the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme (1). He has also lectured across the globe in both Europe and North America.

Lennox hold a number of qualifications. He received a Master of Arts degree (University of Cambridge), Doctor of Philosophy degree (University of Cambridge), Doctor of Science degree in mathematics (University of Cardiff), another Doctor of Philosophy degree (University of Oxford), and M.A. degree in bioethics (University of Surrey).

The main subjects of Lennox’s presentations and written work include science and religion, ethics, apologetics, scriptural exegesis, and philosophy. He has defended the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the existence of God, and the general reliability of the New Testament historical texts, all made somewhat easier given that he is proficient in four languages (English, Russian, French, and German). He is critical of atheism, scientism, and the view that science disproves or argues against God’s existence. Lennox is also a prolific debater. He has debated Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion debate), Christopher Hitchens (Is God Great?), Lawrence Krauss (Does The Cosmos Leave Space For God?), Michael Shermer (The Great Debate: Does God Exist?), Michael Tooley (Atheism and Christianity: A Conversation), Stephen Law (Designed by God?), Peter Atkins, and Victor Stenger.

Lennox has penned several books every believer and unbeliever should have on the bookshelf (2). God’s Undertaker (2002) evaluates the evidence of modern science in relation to the debate between the atheistic and theistic interpretations of the universe, exposes the assumption that atheism is the only intellectually tenable position, and critiques the notion that science has explained God away. Gunning for God (2011) is a critical look at the common arguments and slogans posed by atheists with a special examination of the New Atheists. Lennox analyzes the arguments presented by Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett, and attempts to show how their arguments are irrational and based on unscientific methodology despite claims to the contrary. God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway? (2011) is a thoughtful engagement with the views of the late, famous scientist, and atheist Stephen Hawking. Under critique is Hawking’s proposition that the laws of physics themselves brought the universe into being rather than God, and that rather than negating the existence of God that science make his existence seem all the more probable. Seven Days that Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science (2011) examines the plethora of discussions, views, and interpretations often made by readers of the book of Genesis. Key questions engaged included: what did the writer of Genesis mean by “the first day”? Is it a literal week or a series of time periods? If I believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, am I denying the authority of Scripture?

The official website of John Lennox can be accessed here.


1. About John Lennox. Available.

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