To All Readers and Visitors: Please Fill in these Two Quick Poll-Questions

Dear readers and visitors, please fill in the two questions below. Enter your selection in the box and remember to click “SUBMIT” at the bottom.

Feedback will help improve content on this blogsite and inform the editor/admin about his audience.


  1. I would answer the two poll questions if I could see them but the problem is that I cannot see them (as in they are not being displayed). I am on an IPad which should not make a difference. Standing by for further instructions!

    • Oh no, I am not sure why that is happening. It seems to be showing up fine my side on my laptop. A few votes have been forthcoming already and I’d really love your feedback. Maybe keep trying to refresh? I have no other suggestions for now… You are welcome to answer in the comments here if you would like. I’ll take that as feedback too.

      • Hi James, I tried three different browsers and still no poll questions are visible direct from your website URL so if you can tell me what the two questions are I will answer them here if that helps.

        • Mr. Cooper, the questions are as follows:

          1. What is your worldview?
          Chinese (Confucianism, folk religion, Taoism, etc.)
          Eastern (Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc.)
          None of the above

          2. What content would you like to see published more on Bishop’s Encyclopedia of Religion, Society, and Philosophy?
          Biblical Studies (Old and New testaments)
          Comparative and World Religion
          Historical Jesus

          I hope this helps.

      • Hi James, thanks to Mr Tuttle for his assistance. Here are my responses: 1. Worldview – Christian 2. Preferred Content – Christian Apologetics, Biblical Studies and Science. Thank you.

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