Why I Run White Identity – Because White Voices Matter


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Hate Mail

I’ve recently received what one might deem ‘hate mail’ through which others have shared their disgust at my efforts in running White Identity, South Africa. However, my belief is that this disgust is based on gross misrepresentations. It became quite obvious that none of those who mailed me had actually read any of my content on White Identity. If they had, they would have discovered that my core values and principles, as they have been stipulated in the very first post I made concerning White Identity, are opposed to hate speech, racism, and racial supremacy of any form. In fact, I’ve repeatedly made this known in my articles, especially those focusing on the rising tide that is black supremacy with in South African politics and society. Further, I’ve made several notes in my writings stating my desire for a unified but racially diverse South African society. In my view, South Africa is for all of those who live within it. I’ve also stated how our society clearly has many problems in need of remedy due to our recent and very sore history. I believe that these issues cannot and should not be ignored or simply swept under the carpet. As I’ve noted, there really is anger and pain present within millions of members within our society, and this pain threatens to tear down social and racial relations, at least in the way they’ve developed positively since the end of Apartheid a quarter century ago. We see these threats within many places from that of politics, strikes, and civil unrest at our institutions of learning across the nation. Admittedly, this is an area I wish to explore far, far more, but given my limited time I simply haven’t managed to do so. I do intend to, however.

Thus, what I’ve come to suspect is behind the so-called hate mail are two things: [i] simply someone misunderstanding my purposes and goals and likely equating “White Identity” with the evil that is white supremacy or something of the like, or [ii] someone who openly despises white people and hates any voice representing the social, racial, and political concerns of white people. Fortunately, the former here can be shown where they’ve misunderstood my purposes; unfortunately the latter simply hates white people and will not be willing to listen. My appeal is thus to anyone other than the latter person; my appeal is to those who are willing to learn, listen, and act, for in is through these people that positive change can occur.

As a result, I’ve used this opportunity to briefly elucidate five quick reasons why White Identity exists and why I will continue run it, irrespective of whether or not readers dislike what I do. I hope this provides something in the way of clarity.

1. Because of the Hatred of Whiteness

As I noted in my article, How To Skin A White Man: A Brief Manual For Those Who Hate White Skin, the hate for white people in South Africa is a tangible and frightening social (and political) phenomenon. Several politicians within the EFF, BLF, and ANC (although to a lesser extent in the ANC) have stated how whites need to be subjugated and eradicated. Such has been stated in no uncertain terms, as in the EFF’s Julius Malema suggesting he’s not planning to kill white people “at least for now,” to the BLF’s Lindsay Maasdorp stating on social media his “aspirations to kill white people. And this must be achieved.” These two voices touch only the tip of the iceberg of such hatred, and to say so is not an exaggeration. The BLF even registered for our elections chanting “one settler, one bullet,” a phrase stating that every white person in this country are illegal settlers. Put the word “settler” and “bullet” together, and I’m sure most will figure out the connotations of the slogan. Malema has too called whites and “Boers” (Afrikaans white people) settlers, and stated that he not only wishes to subjugate whites by making them work as domestic workers for blacks but also to “cut the throat of whiteness,” this being a declaration of eradicating white identity. So, the hatred of white people, white identity, and white cultures is very real. White Identity thus opposes this by bringing light to this hatred, showing where it is, exposing those who say it, and taking steps to denounce it.

2. Because We’re Proud to Be White 

I love my skin colour, I love my culture, and I love my race, but I don’t love my race or my culture above and beyond any other. This means I can look at a black, Indian, coloured individual and a white individual and deem them both of the same intrinsic, ontological worth. Why? Because their worth is not dependent on their pigmentation or their culture. But that said, I will never shy away from stating that I love being a white individual and love being a part of a subset of white culture. I love my skin colour, I love my family heritage, I love where I come from, and I love the deep intellectual history of the white race. Of course one must take the good with the bad. Why? Because a large portion of white man’s history (within South Africa, Europe, and beyond) has been undergirded by heinous atrocities. Such has include the likes of racism, supremacy to colonization and all in between. I believe that these events should never be ignored (by pretending that they did not occur or that people should just “get over it”) and neither should they be viewed as moral achievements. I also don’t believe such atrocity is by any means unique to the white race, for every race has committed atrocities in one way or another. The Xhosas and Zulus in their rich history have committed moral atrocities on the flesh of others who were not their own. But despite that the Xhosas and Zulus remain a proud people, proud of their cultural and intellectual history and achievements. I view myself as a white individual in the same light, as an individual who can be proud of who he is and the history of his people, but to be proud knowing that there is much within that history that certainly does not make me proud.

But for many this is a taboo. Why? Because to say that one is white and that he or she is proud of it is apparently to affirm something other than being proud of one’s own race. To such a person it is fine for a black man or a coloured or Indian man to be proud of his race and culture, but not for a white man to say so. To many, to be a proud white individual is to affirm white superiority or something of the like, but this is both a false and unfair representation. Unfortunately, in South Africa there are trends that attempt to make people feel bad about themselves and who they are. The whole settler-citizen dichotomy is one form of this, saying that all whites are criminals is another, and so on. White Identity actively opposes this rhetoric, not only in opposing such things but also affirming that one can be white and proud of it.

3. Because of White Fear

Having grown up within a white community, and having white friends, family, and peers, it seems only natural that I would have learned a thing or two about what they fear. Beyond the fears we all possess simply by virtue of being human (such as death, loss, pain etc.) there are those things we fear because of the colour of our skin.

A clear example of white fear is to live under a black supremacist dictatorship which would inevitably occur under the likes of the EFF or BLF (the BLF in all likelihood never standing a chance at governing, although the EFF do stand a distant chance at some point in the future perhaps). The current majority ruling government of the nation, the ANC, is far from perfect but one thing they’re not is a tyrannical, anti-white vehicle of hatred. It is clear that the ANC do not care for white people, do not have their interests in mind, nor are they seeking after white voters. It is clear that they care mostly for blacks as not only are blacks their “own” people but they are also their majority supporter base. But under such a government it is livable for white people in that they’re not persecuted or made to feel unwelcome through being referred to as “settlers” or the like. However, such would certainly not be the case under the EFF or BLF, should these parties ever achieve majority vote. Both parties have openly made known their hatred of white skin, and how they wish to subjugate if not eradicate whites permanently. As such, that this is possible remains something worth fearing if you are white.

There is a further way whites tend to be fearful, such as in standing up for their own rights! As a white individual myself, I am making attempts to stands up for the rights of others (and myself) through the medium that is White Identity, South Africa. How so? I simply learn of an issue and I put it on (digital) paper. I reflect long and hard on these pertinent issues, and put my thoughts into words so that they can be shared with others. Change must come through awareness. Thus, all the more disheartening it is to encounter fellow white individuals (some close, some distant), aware of White Identity, who have recommended that I abstain from such efforts. Some have even said they agree with the content but don’t wish to be associated with it for fear of judgement and perception. To me, however, what such voices make clear is that white people fear standing up for themselves. Rather than to affirm their dignity, their rights, and their value, they prefer to recede into the margins of society, a comfortable place where they can hide, hoping that aggressive, anti-white rhetoric and hate doesn’t land on their front doorstep. White Identity wishes to change this, and wishes to allow whites to be bold with their voice.

4. Because of Racial Double Standards

I’ve noted before how acts of racism in which two individuals, a non-white and a white, can commit the same racist crime (say hate speech or crimen injuria) and they will not be treated equally in respect to their punishment. How so? Non-white South Africans appear to have far more freedom and room to states ideas and rhetoric which is anti-white. Unfortunately, in many cases, they will receive little public criticism or backlash for these statements. The reality is that if one is a racist and is a white individual the response, both in terms of social outrage and the law, tends to come down harder on the white person. In fact, the first person to be jailed in this country for racism is a white person. This individual spewed her racism, but did so years after black politicians had stated their hatred for whites, and even their intent to kill whites. Not one of these men then (or now) have been jailed for such statements. This is what is meant by a double standard. The examples of anti-white hate speech are numerous and could easily be extrapolated. Like black racism, I dislike white racism, and believe our society would do well without racists of any kind. But we need to treat everyone equally and fairly, and that is not happening.

5. Because of Racial and Cultural Diversity

As stated before, White Identity is an inclusive group. I have stated that all South Africans are welcome to put their voices behind the effort, as well as to join and debate the content under consideration. If I have perhaps overstepped the mark somewhere then let me know, and let’s chat about it. As such, White Identity, although focusing primarily on the rights of the white minority in South Africa, is not a white supremacist or white exclusive group, and should not be seen in that light. Rather, White Identity foresees a future of racial unity and cohesion. It foresees a future in which social and racial challenges and issues are solved together, and not at the expense of one another or without one another. This, admittedly, is a tall order, and often appears unlikely given contemporary social and political trajectories in the country. However, it is an honourable goal and ideal image for a future, one that is worth seeking. White Identity cannot solve the problem on its own, and it cannot comment on all the issues and challenges holding the nation and its people back. That is why diversity and a collective voice is important, and one that White Identity seeks to cultivate.

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