Black Musician, Junior De Rocka, Falsely Accuses White Man of Racism

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A musician by the name Junior De Rocka falsely claimed to be victim of a racial incident from a man who was either owner or the employee, Bruce, of a Cape Town quad bike rental company (1).

The incident took place after De Rocka and his friends arrived an hour late to return the quad bikes. A video filmed from De Rocka’s phone shows him accusing the man of having sworn at them, calling them “black c***s,” before the filming took place. In the video Bruce, however, seems calm and collected, and perhaps this coupled with the lack of video evidence for the claim is why some are now doubting that he even used the racial slur in the first place. According to YouTube commentator and politician Renaldo Gouws,

“Unfortunately, or should we say, fortunately, he recorded the incident. However what is said in his tweet does not correspond with the video he uploaded. Many people online have called him out for creating fake outrage and posting the tweet for attention” (2).

Gouws concluded, somewhat sarcastically, that,

“it is quite clear that Junior De Rocka has got the whole celebrity vibe down, he needs to be treated like royalty, and if people don’t sing to his tune then he will go on to Twitter and expose you for who and what you are” (3).

If  De Rocka’s falsely accused Bruce of racism then Bruce should be encouraged to take a legal stance against De Rocka and sue him for defamation of character. After all, De Rocka’s intention was to defame him and accuse of something he didn’t do. In fact, De Rocka even made a Twitter post about Bruce with the words: “make sure this guy trends for being racist” (4).

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In this day and age a name posted on the web can reach many people, and it is important that we consider the potential harm of false accusations. Again, as I’ve stated before, racism is a serious crime and should be dealt with accordingly. Equally, those who falsely claim to be victim of racism should also be criticized and exposed.

On a final note, I appreciate the views expressed by my fellow black South Africans who viewed this episode as not a racist one but one of bad manners and a lack of respect for other people and their time. If it had been a racist episode then we ought to support the victim, but as a South Africans  we need to expose those seeking attention at the expense of others.

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1. Zeeman, K. 2018. Junior De Rocka alleges Cape Town businessman called him a ‘black c**t’ in racist row. Available.

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