Ritualistic Beach Animal Killers To Be Charged.

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Yesterday I outlined five or so reasons why we should oppose the ritualistic and primitive, superstitious killing of the sheep on Clifton beach.

This slaughter was to exorcise “racist spirits” from a predominately white area (That’s racist!) in response to a private security which unlawfully removed beachgoers from a beach. This occurred in a lucrative area of Cape Town in which beachgoers, which included blacks, along with everyone else, were asked to leave. Cries of racism followed claiming that blacks were deliberately targeted.

But reason prevailed as today we learn that several protesters who killed the sheep on the beach, in full view of the public and in disobedience to the law, will be charged for their behaviour by the The City of Cape Town. According to the law it is illegal to slaughter animals in public spaces, and as I noted in my previous post, one of the questions that would inevitably be raised from this episode would be the application of the law. The protesters in this case violated bylaws and an investigation is necessary. Will the law apply in this case or will illegal acts such as these be merely swept under the carpet? This push to apply the law to the protesters is, in my view, a positive outcome. It is positive outcome above and beyond merely the fact that no racism and racial profiling was involved in the beach removal, thus making the protesters claim that racism was involved unwarranted and false. We need to maintain the seriousness of racism in that real acts of racism are serious injustices, that they need to be treated as such, and must not be devalued by false accusations and claims.


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