Why I A Have Started The ‘White Identity, South Africa’ Movement

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Note that the details included here are my own ones and are not exhaustive at this point. This is the very first draft document of this concept and will be amended, added to, and revised over time.

What Is White Identity?

White Identity is a concept that I have mulled over for quite some time. It is a concept (hopefully one day a movement) that gives a voice to white South Africans in the public space, opposes anti-white rhetoric, and emphasizes their concerns and opinions.

Why is White Identity Important?

White Identity is important for white South Africans for several reasons. First, because white South Africans are a minority group and require a voice in the public space. Second, because of certain racially charged narratives. Due to South Africa’s history of white supremacy and domination there is a contemporary narrative peddled by some non-white individuals arguing that white people are by their very nature racists. Further, certain militant politicians promote the narrative that white South Africans are “settlers” and therefore not welcome to land in the country. This narrative proposes that contemporary white South Africans are deemed guilty of the sins of their ancestors who first arrived in the country centuries ago. White South Africans are also under attack by black politicians who have used genocidal rhetoric aimed at them. Moreover, a sad double standard exists within the public in which white racists tend to receive far more media and public attention than racists of other races. A certain contingent denies that black individuals are even capable of racism, especially racism towards the white minority. White Identity views racism as evil irrespective of the racial profile of the perpetrator. Thus, White Identity believes that all South Africans, irrespective of their race, should be treated fairly. Moreover, White Identity seeks to develop a positive white identity, and therefore criticizes and distances itself from morally problematic views that have been attached to the identity of white people, which includes racial supremacy, arrogance, and colonialism.

White Identity Holds to the Following:

  • White Identity affirms the value and dignity of all human beings.
  • White Identity affirms that white people are South Africans and therefore welcome to live and work in the land.
  • White Identity is not a white supremacist concept as it does not view white people as ontologically superior to people of other races.
  • White Identity, despite being a white emphasized movement, welcomes members and the voices of all races.
  • White Identity is not a militant concept and does not appeal to rhetoric that threatens, insults, or undermines other human beings of any race, religion, orientation, or culture.

What Does White Identity Challenge?

  • White Identity challenges the evils of both white and non-white racism.
  • White Identity challenges the proposition that all white South Africans are settlers and therefore land thieves.
  • White Identity challenges racist double standards that victimize white people in South Africa.
  • White Identity opposes hateful and violent rhetoric made towards white South Africans
  • White Identity challenges the notion that non-white South Africans are incapable of being racist towards white South Africans

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