“God Does Not Exist, And I Will Devote My Entire Life To Destroying Him,” Says Atheist.

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According to American atheist Joseph Brooks God does not exist and such is apparent to anyone who knows how to apply critical thinking, “Anyone with a brain knows that ‘god’ doesn’t exist. Science proves it. Pure reason and logic prove it. Neil Degrasse Tyson even said so on the Cosmos reboot.”

Brooks is in fact quite open to admitting what most atheists prefer to conceal,

“And that’s why I have devoted my life to one purpose and one purpose only: absolutely destroying him. Though he isn’t real, he consumes my every waking moment. My every breath is given to this one great cause. I eat, work, play, and live for the noble aim, to end this imaginary god’s made-up existence.”

What inspires him is that America is still “a very religious country” making his goal all the more worthy, “It’s like a hunter,” says Brooks, “who ventures into a forest where the animal wildlife population is soaring through the roof. The hunter will have a great time!” Evidently he would seem to suggest that America, with its majority religious population, is ripe for some atheist freethinking and reason.

Brooks points to several anti-God and anti-religion works that he feels clinch the issue, notably the likes of Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” and the late Christopher Hitchens’ masterpiece “god Is Not Great.” Despite much of the criticism such works have received from other atheists within their own camp, Brooks decided that they trump any criticism, “To even think about criticizing these atheist men of reason can only stem from irrational tendencies!” he says.

Brooks, however, aims to continue in his quest to destroy the imaginary sky God,

“Even when I go to sleep, I dream of standing over this imaginary god and raising a fist of triumph, secure in the knowledge that I have vanquished a god who does not exist. God, if you’re out there somewhere (and I know you’re not), sleep with one eye open—I’m coming for you!” he proclaims in much excitement.

PS: This article was sourced from the Babylon Bee on top of which I sprinkled some of my own creativity.



11 responses to ““God Does Not Exist, And I Will Devote My Entire Life To Destroying Him,” Says Atheist.

  1. Brooks obviously thinks that theism is a pernicious meme (or belief/ideology), and so seeks to disabuse fellow human beings of such pernicious delusion(s) (as he sees it, anyway). You seem to (want to) imply that Brooks is somehow himself delusional or at least somehow inconsistent, or at least a bit paradoxical. But one can hold the position that a belief is in fact false (and/or perhaps simply flatout incoherent, and so, as we sometimes say nowadays, not even false), and yet also hold that it is _pernicious_ and should be irradicated…Whence the paradox?

    • I forgot the Bab Bee is a satire site. So, yeah, you’re right: The story behind the op is prolly b.s. anyway… 😉

  2. Reading the last paragraph to me indicates he is still grappling with self doubt. He is suffering paranoia, he needs to apply reason rather than emotion. There is a chance he might find God.

    • Not if the notion of ‘God’ (at least as this occurs in Abrahamic theism/theology) is itself (logically/conceptually) _incoherent_. As philosopher (and former Catholic priest) Anthony Kenny (in his book, _The God of the Philosophers_) points-out:

      “[A]nyone…interested in the question of the existence of God has to study first of all the divine attributes; for to say that God exists is to say that there is something that has the divine attributes; and if ‘God exists’ is to be true, then the divine attributes must at least themselves be coherent and jointly compatible. The coherence of the notion of God, as possessor of the traditional divine attributes, is a necessary, though of course not sufficient, condition for God’s existence.”

      • Coherence is not going to identify god, but to say god is something not understandable may turn the light bulb on. But everyday, god saves lives, often of people who are atheist, telling them who it is while saving their life. States with official atheism are often (N. Korea) extremely brutal places to live, and remain so (Russia) long after the regime has been replaced. Saying god doesn’t exist may allow a good nights sleep but not a life times good night’s sleep.

  3. It is at war with us so it will be kinda difficult to stop the war if you don’t know its there. It often intervenes to save the life who doesn’t believe it exists, and identifies itself. Religion creates the atheist.

  4. Oh really!!! My good man, there is a real living God!! I pray that you do find the Lord Jesus Christ…your life depends on it!!!

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