Google Celebrates Noahic Covenant

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Tech behemoth Google, known to change the logo on its eponymous search engine in honor of special people and events, announced Friday that the company was celebrating the Noahic Covenant God made with mankind after the Flood. The website’s logo was changed to a rainbow-themed design for 24 hours in honor of God’s promise never to flood the world again.

“This is really brave and progressive for Google, who tends to be more conservative in deciding which events and people to commemorate so as not to shove an agenda in anyone’s face,” stated Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. “People just want to get to their internet searches anyway—no reason to make our service political.”

The rainbow sign, dating back to the Old Testament Mosaic writings, has long stood for the covenant between God and Noah recorded in Genesis 9:8-17, in which God set His bow in the sky as a sign of unconditional promise to never again flood the earth, destroying all life on the planet, even though He knew mankind would go on to do many terrible things deserving of judgment.

Page concluded, “We just think it is great to see so many young people waving flags and changing the background of their Facebook profile pictures to remember such a wonderful, far-reaching, unilateral promise. God is good.”

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3 responses to “Google Celebrates Noahic Covenant

  1. That would definitely offend a lot of people. Just imagine the fury of the internet! Actually the only covenant that would be the least offensive to the most individuals would be the one with father Abraham.

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