Atheists at FFRF Angered Over Prayer During A School Football Match.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.07.06 AM.png

This is not an actual photograph of the event described.

Yet another move has been made on the part of The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to silence prayer. This time they’ve sent a letter to the Hamilton County, TN school system urging them to remind the staff of their “obligations in respect to religion” for the upcoming school year (1). The charge is that students, being led by a coach, had prayed for an injured player and that such an act is unconstitutional. I am sure most would agree that this is another petty attack on religious freedom and religion itself. It also seem to be a massive waste of time and effort, and almost as if FFRF has nothing better to do with their time. One would probably think that the FFRF actually exists to tackle issues that have at least some importance but it would appear that isn’t so. Rather they warn schools and pupils of a potential sue if they, via their own volition, wish to do a well intended thing as to simply pray for a fellow student who is injured. How absurd. I’d like to know what others think. The full letter can be accessed here.


1. Duff, S. 2017. Freedom From Religion Foundation triggered by students praying for an injured high school football player. Available.

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