My Two Upcoming Debates.


In the next month I will hopefully be engaging in two important debates.

The first debate will be with fellow Christian apologist Sean Luke on the concept of biblical inerrancy. Luke will argue for the affirmative while I will argue for the negative. This debate will happen in two ways. Firstly, Luke and I have agreed to an online debate that we will record and share accordingly (we’re still discussing the finer details). This will happen on the 10th of September at 17:00 South African time (12 pm US time). We also have a plan in the works to do a follow up text-based debate, though a date has not been agreed upon yet.


The second debate is with The Dutch Atheist. We will focus on the question “Is There Evidence for a god?” I will obviously be arguing in the affirmative. I have three solid arguments that I will present, but I will see what else I can throw into the mix. Having chatted with The Dutch Atheist they wish to remain anonymous for certain reasons. However, I do know that I will be up against four of them and as far as I know they “vary from mid-20’s to mid-40’s” in age. This will be a text-based debate that shall happen over several weekends. We agreed to the usual formal pattern:

  1. Opening Statement
  2. First Rebuttal
  3. Second Rebuttal
  4. Closing Remarks
  5. Cross Questioning Q&A

The debate will happen at 14:00 on Saturday 24th as well as within the subsequent weeks.


In short, we will see what happens but these are the current plans if all goes to schedule.


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