Transcendental Meditation


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3 responses to “Transcendental Meditation

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    This blog post approaches the topic from a certain perspective. The discussion is still interesting. I would be hesitant to try TM, perhaps because of negative things that I have heard or read about such practices. Still, the topic of silence versus thinking, and seeing ourselves as an extension of Brahma versus reaching out to God is a rich topic.

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  3. Mr. Jeyachandran, first of all try to understand what thought is. Thought means comparison and comparison is measurement. We have been brain washed rightg from our childhood by our souuroundings. Let me explain. Hunger is the basic need of any living being. Now the question is ” eat to live versus live to eat.” If one says I only want to eat ” meat and chips ” to satiate my hunger, it means thought is heavily influencing his decision. However if that person eats whatever is edible then thought hasn’t played a role in his decision. The former is about ” living to eat ” whereas the latter is ” eating to live. “. Yes knowledge is required for ones daily existence but that us not thought. If one is really hungry that person will settle for anything.

    It’s when you think that only a particular good can satisfy your hunger, the concept of choicee comes in and thst is what us called as thought. Thought is an activity wherein one compares to some past experience and then lives the life. So thought brings in pleasure and pain together. Not getting your choice of food irritates the person and thinking about whether he or she can get the choice of food makes him/her worrisome. However if edible simple food is available and there is no need to choose there is neither pleasure nor pain. It’s this ending of the “choice ” that is called as thoughtlessness. When thought ends selfishness, greed, anger, possessiveness, getting associated to dogmas, people sects ends and this brings about peace of mind.

    On the other hand who and what is God? Who has seen God? It’s a heresy spread by a sick and evil mind and religion it’s most dangerous consequence. What does one get by calling out to this mythical nonsense?

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