Atheist Jesus Mythicist Richard Carrier Banned From Blogging.


Richard Carrier, known for his position that the historical Jesus never existed (and one of a mere few historians with any credentials supporting such a view), has been banned from Skepticon “In light of the recent revelations of sexual harassment, unwelcome attention, and/or unwanted behaviour” (1).

However, according to Skepticon this wasn’t the first time Carrier pushed the boundaries. Skepticon explains that “While he was a featured speaker for many years, we stopped inviting him to speak partly because of his repeated boundary-pushing behavior, including towards someone involved in Skepticon.” The verdict was to prohibit “Richard Carrier from attending any future Skepticons.”

Free Thought Blogs, whom Carrier wrote for, says that sexual harassment “is, obviously, a serious accusation, and we’ve been investigating further. We now have several first-hand reports of persistent, obnoxious sexual behavior in defiance of specific requests that he cease. We believe his accusers,” and that “After a review of the evidence so far, Richard Carrier’s posting privileges have been suspended, pending further evaluation” (2).

According to Christian scholar and apologist, who has debated Carrier, Justin Bass tells us that “Richard Carrier has been banned from his blog where he did most of his writing on these issues. He has also been banned from Skepticon, which is a very popular conference in the atheist community” (3). However, Bass urges Christian opponents of Carrier to not rejoice in his downfall:

“Whether the accusations against Carrier are true or not, I have not investigated nor do I care to comment. I really enjoyed my debate with Carrier earlier this year and I did like him the short time I spent with him off stage. I don’t nor should any Christian rejoice over someone’s downfall. We should pray for the truth to come out and for Richard and the others involved to find the saving Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.”


Justin Bass & Richard Carrier in debate.

Yet Bass does rejoice in the fact that what he considers “(and the rest of the scholarly community considers) really bad scholarship” to have “lost its leading authority.”


1. Lane, L. 2016. Keeping Skepticon Safe: Richard Carrier to be Banned. Available.

2. Meyers, P. 2016. Richard Carrier’s blog. Available.

3. Justin Bass’s Facebook Status, 23 June 2016.


2 responses to “Atheist Jesus Mythicist Richard Carrier Banned From Blogging.

  1. “Downfall”? ha! RC is going strong at
    I’m not sure ‘ban’d’ is the right wurd.

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