Meme Grinder #24 – ‘The Most Pointless Meme Ever.’

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A friend requested for me to review this meme…

The whole alien part…

 a) “Aliens love and protect us.”

I suppose that’s why so many humans are allegedly abducted by them! They clearly love us. I don’t know but in movies they usually shoot humans with weird guns… and most people in movies seem to be very scared of aliens (they tend to run in the opposite direction while screaming).

b) “They sent their representatives to Roswell…”

Do people seriously still go on about this?

c) “They remain here with us on earth…”

Lizard men in human suits!

d) “All you have to do is love them and think about them”

I love lizard men!

e) “After you die, they will teleport you to their spaceships and you will live forever with them in happiness.”

Living in an extra-terrestrial spaceship would not make me happy one bit. Because in an extra-terrestrial spaceship they probably strap you to a laboratory table and then prod you with knives, and they got big black eyes, they’re greenish and they look scary.

But I suppose atheists live and breathe evidence. Uhm… can he show me this evidence? I am quite sure someone along the line must have seen his granny levitate out of a casket and into the belly of a spaceship. No-one? I guess the lizard men are great concealers. What about those people who were cremated? Evidence! Atheist, give me evidence!

2. “Think I’m crazy?”

Yes! (though this is a nonsensical question for an atheist to ask because on atheism rationality is undermined; it’s merely the product of electrochemical reactions in the brain)

3. The whole God part…

a) “Two thousand years ago he sent his only son to Bethlehem to show us the way to live and we killed him.”

This atheist is starting to make a little sense. I am starting to see something that is actually attached to reality…

b) The rest of the God part…

Can someone help me here? I’m either very dumb or I am just struggling to see any connection to aliens? I totally just wasted five minutes of my life, didn’t I? This is the most pointless meme ever. Gawd.



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