A Christian Argument for Jesus Mythicism.


Most Christians don’t actually realize the strength of the Jesus mythicist’s arguments in modern academia nowadays. According to un-referenced statistics, provided by the research conglomerate The Atheist Empire, only 3% of historians believe Jesus existed.  I outline, albeit briefly, why I think this is a rational position. I use the above nonsensical pro-Christian meme as an example.

Hey guys, since we made up that Jesus guy and everything he did and said…”

Don’t deny it! Richard Carrier and Robert Price know what they are talking about. They are top scholars in their field. They’re just some of those multitudes of historians that deny Jesus ever existed (you did know that this is the consensus of modern scholarship? Just ask any historian). There isn’t any evidence, not one bit, that Jesus actually ever existed (I  heard Dawkins say this once, and I found that the more I repeat this to myself the more convincing it sounds). And all that evidence that actually exists is all copied from those mythical dying and rising gods! Didn’t you know Mithras also had a virgin birth even though it was actually from a rock? But the concept is almost identical (just ignore the rock part).

Let’s all really stick to our story.”

The disciples, the Apostle Paul, and James were severely deluded if they ever thought that inventing Jesus would bring them great wealth and prestige (Even though their invented Jesus spoke directly against such motives, Mat. 16:26)! In fact, a serious argument can be made that the disciples were so convincing that it would probably account for all the alleged post-mortem resurrection appearances of Jesus to Paul, James, the disciples, and the 500 others.

Let’s leave our homes and make uncomfortable journeys, be marginalized, and end up being killed in horrific ways…”

Remember, there isn’t a shred of evidence to suggest that any of them died for their convictions either. And the claim that they would make “uncomfortable journeys” and be “be marginalized.” Where’s the evidence for that? You can’t refer to the gospels, Acts, or Paul because they don’t count. Referring to the Bible would be like referring to Homer’s Iliad (even though I haven’t’ read the Iliad, but atheists at Richard Carrier’s blogsite often mention it in the comment section).

And don’t refer to the ancient historians Tacitus or Josephus (or any other ancient historian that seems to have mentioned Jesus)! There’s no evidence that they ever mentioned Jesus at all. And where they do those are all Christian interpolations (bits added in afterwards).

It will be the best joke ever.”

Yes, the meme is actually correct; Christianity is the biggest joke ever. If we never had Christianity there wouldn’t have been the crusades, inquisitions, and all those witch hunts! We don’t need religion to be moral. And that over two billion people would put faith in someone who never ever existed! Did I mention that neuroscientists have found faith to be an actual mental illness? But I’ll get to that next time, instead I’ll end off with a quote from the Symposium of Anti-Biblical Exegesis:

“That the 1st century Jesus Christ existed (an assumption that has dictated much of modern scholarship) is now being questioned by an ever increasing number of top scholars because no evidence exists. The Symposium of Anti-Biblical Exegesis is now providing research grants for experts interested in pursuing this subject further. An official statement will be drafted in the second half of 2016” (1).


1. Quoted in an interview with Sean Fracek, founder of The Mythicist Milwaukee.

PS: Any real people mentioned in this article is purely unintentional.


9 responses to “A Christian Argument for Jesus Mythicism.

  1. Is this a joke post? I actually cannot tell. if not…

    3%? No offense, but are you actually stupid? Historians are in complete unanimous agreement (99%+) that Jesus existed. Please do not spread such utter nonsense. I can name 100 historians who believe Jesus existed for every one that you can name that doesn’t (more then a B.A., of course, otherwise from my knowledge I can only name like 50 per 1 you can name). What is this “Atheist Empire” garbage?

  2. One of the biggest proof statements is that without Christianity there would have been no Crusades’s or inquisitions. Well of course there wouldn’t under the guise of a religion that has at its core ‘judgement’ and ‘hatred’ of enemies aka Christianity! Jesus had said “kill your enemies wherever you find them.” But would there be violence and oppression under another name? Under communism and dictatorships, Nth Korea for example: Everything is so peaceful and people are living in happiness and prosperity wherever religion is eradicated or oppressed. (For those who lack frontal lobes this is sarcasm.)

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