Meme Grinder #22 – ‘That Dumb Book, the Bible.’


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See Meme Grinder #23 – ‘Refuting Einstein on God, the Bible & Myth.’

“Homosexuality is unnatural…”

A sin maybe? Perhaps not an ideal in God’s initial good creation prior to the fall? Can’t remember where the Bible strictly calls it by such a term as unnatural, I may be wrong (perhaps he heard some Christian call it unnatural; I guess whatever any Christian says, the Bible must say it too).

“It says in this book…”

This must be correct. Obviously the Bible is just another random book (I always thought it was more than a single book; I must be mistaken) on the bookshelf. It clearly doesn’t claim to be revelation from an almighty, sustaining, universe creating God.  Nope, it’s just a book.

“Where snakes talk”

Clearly the author of Genesis was not using symbolism to represent an ominous supernatural entity known as Satan. Or maybe God just can’t make animals talk?

“…people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby”

He must be referring to Pontius Pilate here. I also suppose miracles can’t happen. Why? Because the atheist says so. Whatever the atheist says must be a defeater; remember that they are freethinkers after all. If a freethinker says miracles can’t happen then miracles can’t happen (even if that means ignoring the evidence; which is not technically evidence, because the freethinker doesn’t think its evidence).


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