Former Muslim, Sanray, Plants 50 Churches After Healing.


Sanray (not his real name), raised a devout Muslim and who is also a doctor, has embraced Christianity after he was healed from cancer (1). According to Sanray:

“I was crying, and the one Name I did not want to believe in came back to me again and again, I was so weak and so sick. So I prayed to the Lord Jesus and said, “Will you heal me?” (2)

Sanray was indeed healed and as a result he has now planted more than 50 churches! Which, considered, is quite a feat (he clearly has a talent for planting churches). However, Sanray has also faced intense rejection from his village in West Bengal as well as by his own family: “My family threw me out. They said, ‘We want nothing to do with you. Since you have Jesus, you can just go away” (3)

After his new allegiance to Christ his office was broken into: “They decided to break into my doctor’s office where patients used to come and see me” (4). And over the following years Sanray would continue to face persecution in his own community. He has, however, continued with his medical practice and become an evangelist through the UK charity BMS World Mission. Despite this Sanray appears hopeful:

“Apart from Jesus there is no life… I am even more excited to tell others what Jesus has done. Every day I want to live for my Lord and keep on doing what I’m doing. Please pray that I can do more in the days to come.”


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