Atheist Shotgunner #2 – Jason Mevin.


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Note: I do not believe the likes of Jason represents every atheist out there. That would be to insult many atheists.

1. “You scum creatures.”

I wonder if that includes those poor Christian souls in the soup kitchen across the street? Oh you wretched, evil, dangerous Christians! The world would be such a better place without you lot!

2. Keep using and enjoying atheist/scientist invented [things].”

Why can’t I, as a Christian, use things that atheists invented? Do they object? No, they happen to like money.

On this same note I hope Jason is ready to do away with all those nice values protecting his dignity, rights, freedom etc.; values that are explicitly Christian! Atheist John Steinrucken, writer at American Freethinker, explains that it is Christianity which “has made possible the advancement of Western civilization. That is, the glue that has held Western civilization together over the centuries is the Judeo-Christian tradition” (1). Steinrucken even goes as far as saying that his own “open secular thought, depends on the continuance within our society of the Judeo-Christian tradition.” More:

“This means that our elitists should see that their most valued vested interest is the preservation within our culture of Christianity and Judaism.” That’s from a convinced atheist, Jason.

But this must surely be news for Jason. Apparently not all atheists do their homework (don’t insult the ones that do). Secondly, one could easily play Jason at his own game, and still win. But Jason what about all those Christians who invented nice things that you too take for granted? Like science itself. Noah Efron:

“To be fair, the claim that Christianity led to modern science captures something true and important. Generations of historians and sociologists have discovered many ways in which Christians, Christian beliefs, and Christian institutions played crucial roles in fashioning the tenets, methods and institutions of what in time became modern science…today almost all historians agree that Christianity (Catholicism as well as Protestantism) moved early-modern intellectuals to study nature systematically.” (2)

Are you willing to throw out science, Jason (or at least a significant chunk of it because so much was invented by those foul, scummy people known as Christians)? I somehow don’t imagine he would.

3. “…you fairy tale believers”

Did you catch that my fellow Christian? Apparently we believe in fairy tales because an atheist says so. Well, don’t get me going on your atheism, Jason.

4. “…we would still be living in caves”

Apparently not.

5.“You are [on] a social networking site created by an atheist (Mark Zuckerberg).”

Oh, what a surprise, Jason. Odd thing that there are so many Christian groups and pages on Facebook. Or perhaps Jason should consider unplugging his computer and storing it in the attic. Why? Maybe because the first mechanical computer was created by Charles Babbage who happened to be a Christian (3). Looks like Jason and Zuckerberg actually have someone to thank.

6. “Bill Gates (Agnostic), Steve Jobs (Buddhist), Larry Page (atheist), blah, blah, blah.”

Apparently only Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and gays can use computers nowadays (obviously they never designed them for anyone else). Poor Christians, those foul creatures.

 7. “…invented by freethinker (Nikola Tesla)”

Apparently if you’re a Christian you’re not a freethinker (since no Christian ever has come to believe on his own terms. I hope you heard that Alister McGrath! You don’t count). And apparently if you’re an atheist you are automatically a freethinker. As if being an atheist (naturalist, or whatever) does not require one to adhere to a set of strict doctrines, namely, that the physical universe is all that exists, that God does not exist, that miracles are impossible, that the universe popped into existence from nothing (unless he is trying to convince you of that well supported scientific theory known as the multiverse) etc. It’s also odd that Jason thinks atheists are feethinkers when on such a worldview their own brains merely obey the fixed laws of chemistry; nothing but purposeless, meaningless misfiring of electrochemical impulses in the brain. Also don’t forget that you’re not a freethinker if you don’t think like the atheist (that’s not ironic at all). Apparently being a freethinker is cool though. Nick Peters:

“Seriously. If you want to be an atheist, be one. Just be informed. It looks like most of your information is gathered from internet sources. Scholarly books are a far better source” (4).



1. Steinrucken, J. 2010. Secularisms Ongoing Debt to Christianity. Available

2. Efron, N. 2010. Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths About Science and Religion. p. 80.

3. Computer Hope. When was the first computer invented? Available.

4. Nick Peters (Comment section: ‘Five reasons to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.’)



9 responses to “Atheist Shotgunner #2 – Jason Mevin.

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  2. Would be great if you could create some sort of newsletter that focuses on these and available via email. I am hoping to follow these conversations along the way. By doing so, we can learn so many ways of dealing with such obnoxious and unreasonable atheists. And really, it is amazing that other atheists don’t tell them to shut up already. They are an embarrassment to any reasonable human being.

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