Meme Grinder #21 – ‘Christian Double Standards.’


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This is a typical bad Christian argument by an anti-evolutionist. It’s not so much about the theory of evolution, or its interaction with Christian theology, or the philosophy some people draw from it that bugs me. Instead, it’s more about the nonsensical nature of this argument.

Obviously we don’t have pictures of speciation, for example, but on the same note we don’t have pictures of Jesus’ empty tomb, his resurrection, his trial, or his crucifixion. We don’t even have pictures of Jesus himself! We don’t even know what he looks like. However, don’t hear what I am not saying. I am not saying that we do not have good, sufficient historical evidence to support the claims that Jesus really was a miracle worker, that he really died via Roman crucifixion, and that he was really raised by God from the dead. We have good historical evidence and arguments for that, but we don’t have photos.

Essentially, knowing this, a non-theistic evolutionist could accuse the Christian of holding to a double standard. Why does the non-theistic evolutionist have to provide photo evidence of macroevolution if the Christian can’t provide photo evidence of the very centre of his own faith: Jesus himself? That’s not playing fair, neither is it an attempt at impartiality. This should be noted beyond just this single example.

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6 responses to “Meme Grinder #21 – ‘Christian Double Standards.’

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  2. James, this one confused me at first. I thought you were the one who defaced the original atheist meme, and were criticizing the original atheist meme. After I realized my mistake, I had to agree with you; this is not a very strong rebuttal. There’s nothing wrong with making a reply of “you first!” to extend the conversation, but you have to quickly pivot to questions of epistemology, as you noted. Not being much practiced at the Presuppositionalist approach, I would probably respond to this meme, by posting a link to a list of evidences, such as

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  4. You say there is no photo of Jesus but in the Shroud of Turin you have the 1) Photo of Jesus 2) Details of his death exactly as the Bible states and 3) Evidence of his resurrection.

    The Shroud of Turin is not really evidence for the Christians but for unbelievers by God so that they cannot say that there was no evidence of Jesus existence. There is no other item in the world like the Shroud of Turin yet Christians are very quick to dismiss it without studying of examine the evidence for it’s authenticity.

    With the advancement of technology, you even get greater understanding of what the shroud held.

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