Atheist Shotgunner #1 – Richard Durrer.


See Atheist Shotgunner #2 – Jason Mevin.

As an apologist defending my beliefs, and one who tries to get non-believers interested in what I have come to believe myself, I’ve come across my fair share of atheist shotgunners. I call them shotgunners, but this is really a term that stems from a logical fallacy known as the Shotgun Tactic, or Shotgun argumentation. Consider a perfect example of this via the atheist in the caption above (I apologize about the foul language); we see that, within a short space, he brings up the following subjects/allegations:

-That Christians are “drones,” which means they’re people who turn off their thinking abilities because they happen to be Christians.

-That atheists are “freethinkers” et cetera. which I find odd since the atheist’s brain, on his worldview, is simply obeying the fixed laws of chemistry.

-That atheists use logic and reason, even though the physical forces of nature that produced their cognitive faculties were non-rational.

-That science supports their atheism, although this would presuppose the reliability of their rational faculties; which of course was cobbled together by time, matter and chance.

-That God is sexist, homophobic, violent etc. because Dawkins, who is probably this atheist’s deity incarnated, says so in his masterpiece book The God Delusion.

-That things like burning bushes and talking snakes are silly myths which, of course, presupposes that God can’t possibly make a bush burn without it diminishing if he so wanted. Or concerning the snake the atheist presupposes that all Christians hold to only one interpretation of how to read this account, that it is intended to be literal, or that if it was literal God could not make a snake talk even though the same God could make humans talk.

-That the biblical authors were “goat herders” and that they “heard voices in their heads” which, of course, presupposes that God cannot talk to an individual using the brain that he created, and that our biblical authors were goat herders as opposed to prophets and/or well educated scribes.

-That all atheists hate religious people, which is laughable and simply false.

All in all this atheist has brought up some eight subjects in his rampant rage. Thus, the point of the shotgun tactic is offer such a large number of arguments for his position that the opponent can’t possibly respond to all of them. This may happen within a one-on-one academic debate on stage, on an internet forum, or on a Facebook page etc. Often the atheist shotgunner, as the one seen in the comment above, is irrational, dogmatic, closed minded and has no intention to seek the truth if it threatens his atheism. Instead, he will rehearse what he’s read at or at – all of which are clearly reliable sources for understanding an opponent’s worldview. That would be like a Christian getting his information on atheism from Ray Comfort’s book You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think.


14 responses to “Atheist Shotgunner #1 – Richard Durrer.

  1. I think a lot of atheists try to combat the hate they have received from religious individuals with more hate. Which just ends up making the situation more volatile. I don’t believe in the bible. I don’t believe in Christianity. But that is my choice. Just as it is every Christian’s right to believe in whatever they want. But the moment that an individual chooses to attack someone either physically or verbally based on religious beliefs, regardless if they are Christian or atheist, they become a bigot in my opinion. And bigot is one of the worst things a person can be.

  2. The sad thing is, that he has no idea what he is doing. He has no idea that he isn’t thinking rationally. It’s a little bit frustrating, and a little bit sad at the same time 😦

  3. Pretty much hit the nail on the head, especially for the cycnics and the trolls. Best statement ” has no intention of seeking truth of it threatens his atheism.” Folks in this realm are not worth talking to typically, unless you want to destroy them with the same amount of enthusiasm that they want to use tibtey to destroy you

  4. As a fellow Christian I too have encountered this and it’s gotten to the point where I rarely bother with people like that as it’s usually a waste of my time. Plus I’m not too good with explaining things and defending myself so I am often relying on others.

    On top of this I have a few atheist friends with common interests (video games, music, anime) and we get along just fine.

    So yes atheists and Christians can co-exist in peace but it’s getting increasingly difficult with the two sides constantly attacking each other. However I choose to do as Jesus instructed and turn the other cheek which I admit isn’t easy and every now and then someone manages to set off the fire in me

    However I should note that while I did accept Jesus as my lord and savior a decade ago I didn’t really start taking my faith seriously until year and a half ago so I’m still in the spiritual infancy stage. Thus I still have quite a bit of maturing to do. I seriously regret waiting too long to change but as a wise lady once told me “better late than never”.

    Plus what makes it even more difficult for me is my mental disorder, I have Aspergers.

    To any atheists who claim that the religious have a mental illness, don’t forget there are those among you who are mentally ill as well. We are no more and no less human than you after all and thus should treat each other as such.

    On top of that treating something differently just because religion is involved counts as a double standard and that’s NEVER good.

    Anyway that’s enough about about me. This article was a great read and it only reassured me that I am not alone in this world and not the only one who has to face this kind of crap just because I’m a faithful Christian. I admit it has been a bit discouraging but I am still holding on.

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