Looking at the bigger picture of Christianity.


Sure, many Christians have questions for which they are seeking answers, for instance, this could be in relation to God’s nature, the interactions between theology & science, theodicy, or even in the context of competing world religions & worldviews.

However, to have these questions is certainly consistent with an individual who is thinking critically about his or her views. Therefore to have questions is not a bad thing. In fact, we ought to be highly suspicious of a person claiming to have no questions or no doubts on his worldview. Such a person then surely has no interest in changing his beliefs in the face of evidence or, alternatively, he just hasn’t really thought through what he believes. So, in this respect to have questions is healthy – Christians shouldn’t fear them. On that same note it is always very important for Christians to not turn away honest, open questions by seekers or by those still beginning in the faith. Christians should at least try to have answers to honest inquiries.

Yet, on the same note Christians should never forget what they have in their favour; especially in favour for the truth claims of Christianity. Often we can become so side-tracked in debate and in thought that we can forget the many powerful reasons as to why we are even Christians in the first place. So, although we are to search for answers we must never forget that historical evidence well affirms the historical event of Jesus’ bodily resurrection, his miracle status & deity. We must never forget how God has worked through his people today both miraculously, via many dramatic healings, or through their ordinary missionary efforts. We should never forget the cohesiveness of the Bible’s meta-narrative that clearly points to its divine inspiration. Don’t forget the persuasive arguments for the existence of a Creator of the universe, or how God has worked in your life (whether that be through an impact event, an overtly undeniable experience with God, or through other means).

I remember a few years ago when I did a little exercise by drawing a simple line through the middle of a page; nothing fancy. On the one side I had all the powerful reasons as to why I am a Christian & on the other side I had open questions & doubts I may have still had. So, whereas biblical inerrancy is an open question for me Jesus’ resurrection is not. I take at it to be absolutely certain that Jesus was resurrected from the dead based on historical evidence – that Jesus was a miracle worker is undeniable on historical grounds. Sooner or later you’ll see that the reasons for belief will outweigh the questions or doubts that you may have. I found this to be a simple yet very effective exercise; after all, I don’t want to believe in something that is false – I want to have good reasons for believing in what I do.

Sure, we may always have questions but at the same time we must never forget to take a fuller & wider look at our faith. Doing that will strengthen you in your faith even when you feel that you just don’t have the answers. I humbly encourage my fellow Christians to try & do just that. Blessings.


Let me know your thoughts!

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