Meme Grinder #12 – “Illogical Christianity?”


Create Humans:

The first point (point 1) to this meme is relatively uncontroversial. God decided to create the universe with humanity within it as is image bearers (Genesis 1:27). Thus being created in the image of God is what ultimately separates us, at least in many ways, from God’s other created creatures.

Drown Most:

This is a somewhat more controversial point. Firstly, it assumes that God sent a worldwide flood; a flood that encompassed all landmass on Earth and thus drowned all humanity at a specific time in history (except for the eight people on the ark). However, many Christians do not hold such a position – they hold that the flood was localised to the Mesopotamia region where Noah would have lived. Many biblical scholars have argued that a localised flood is supported by Scripture as well as contemporary science. If this flood was localised then not all of humanity was drowned out; it was judgment only on a specific region where wicked people would have lived.

Nonetheless, God did not arbitrarily flood the region (or the world, depending on how we interpret the Genesis account) but because man had sinned & wickedness was continually within their hearts (Genesis 6:5). The meme suggests that this was an arbitrary act of God, however, the biblical message hardly supports that conclusion.

Randomly Favour One Group:

This is simply false. Instead God chose a specific group of people to reveal himself to so that they in turn could reveal God to the rest of the world. That is what we have in the Bible – God’s story of intervening into history through a specific people which culminates in Jesus’ crucifixion & resurrection; the redemptive act that ultimately enables us to have a renewed relationship with God. Nonetheless, when this specific group of people, the Israelites, sinned and rebelled against God they brought the same judgement onto themselves as God dished out onto wicked pagan nations. Therefore, God does not arbitrarily favour one group of people since he is impartial (Romans 2:11, Acts 10:34, Deuteronomy 10:17), just (Job 36:6), righteousness (Acts 17:31, 1 John 1:9) & ultimately loves everyone (John 3:16, Romans 5:8).

Kill Myself (For 3 Days):

This is also false, at least according to Christian theology. God does not kill himself since he, as both a spirit (John 4:24) & a necessary being, cannot die. In fact, being triune (by God being Father, Son & Holy Spirit) willingly sent himself, as the Son Jesus, to die a death (a humanly physical death) that all people (who are sinners) should have faced instead especially since the consequences of sin is death (Romans 6:23). In other words, God willingly takes our place and paid the penalty, but that is different to him “killing” himself.


This is false, although I can understand the challenge. It is has a built in assumption. It basically expects that God should conform to human expectation of how he ought to act. However, natural theology does affirm God’s existence as we can see his invisible attributes & divine nature in the created world (Romans 1:20), in the heavens that declare his glory and testify to his creative power (Psalm 19:1). Argument also plays a role here that illustrates that God is not hidden – this argument is known as the Teleological Argument. This argument argues for the existence of God from the evidence of order, and hence design, in nature. Another argument is the Fine Tuning Argument. This argument shows us the  fundamental constants and quantities of the universe that exist in order to permit the existence of life; almost as if our part of the universe was created with us in mind. So, from natural theology (which is God’s revelation in the natural order & apart from divine/special revelation) God is not hidden.

Also, God has also not been silent in other regards. Most powerful is the ministry, deity & resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. Our historical data well supports his bodily resurrection so one can hardly accuse God of “hiding.” Further, the supernatural aspect of Jesus’ ministry (upon which I am doing my thesis) is quite unparalleled in ancient history. Jesus is entirely unique & clearly demonstrates that God does exist and that he does care for us. Also God does miraculously intervene in the lives of people today. Personally I’ve interviewed people who have witnessed both miraculous healings & demonic exorcisms (these people include friends, pastors, non-believers, doctors, nurses, people from other countries and so on), I have also consulted academic studies (I highly recommend Professor Craig Keener’s 2 Volume investigation on this) as well as public records on this matter. I also claim to have had a supernatural encounter myself with the Holy Spirit which has authenticated Christianity for myself. The fact is that God does intervene in the lives of people today, however, how he chooses to do so or when is entirely up to him.

However, I truly do understand this challenge. I understand that people pray out of despair in the hope that God, who is claimed to be all powerful, will break through for them. I have been there myself. I have known, and still do know, what God’s hiddenness feels like. But just because we can’t have God bow to our pleas and demands hardly means that he does not listen, or does not care. That conclusion just does not logically follow.

Ultimately the meme is fallacious on all five fronts.


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