Kayla Knight’s brain tumour disappears after prayer.

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This miracle healing case was one that Professor Craig Keener linked in his 2-volume investigation on miracles. So, I did background research into his claims for authenticity purposes.

For months Kayla had been having severe headaches. The frequency and severity kept growing until one night in May they became so unbearable they went to the E. R.  Doctors said an x-ray showed some kind of abnormality in Kayla’s head. It would take another month before Kayla could get in to see a doctor in Tyler.  They took an M-R-I. which showed a large white spot on Kayla’s brain. A tumour that doctors feared was spreading quickly around Kayla’s brain. When Kayla’s mom Amy found out she said: “We prayed.” Doctors had told Amy that her little girl had a tumour that covered almost a quarter of her brain.

“We both hit our knees and we were praying. That was actually on a Wednesday so when we got to church we had a good 30 people or more lay hands on her and it just…. you could feel God. I can’t say we prayed as much before. I mean we did…but not like this. Not like we do now.”

However, two days later Kayla was sent to Baylor Hospital in Dallas for another M-R-I. The scans revealed that the tumour had gone, as Amy mom says: “I don’t know how to read it so I was okay…to me it looked like it had expanded because all you see in the picture is nothing. So I thought okay maybe its just taken over the whole brain.”

This came to the surprise of their doctor as well: “And he said no, it’s gone. And he said its got to be a mistake, it has to be. We are going to schedule another test, there is no way its just gone and just the whole time he is stuttering and there is just this look on his face like I don’t understand. I don’t know. We did another one and it was gone and his words were it was truly a miracle, this has to be the act of God.”

This reminds me of my lecturer in Ethics. He  is also a pastor and one day after giving a sermon he prayed for a man with a cancerous tumour on the brain. This man had all but accepted that death would result, since he was given mere months to live by his doctor. In that moment of prayer the man had an overwhelming heat sensation in his head, and scans the following day revealed that the tumour had shrunk to the size of a scab, and amazingly it had relocated to the bottom of his brain at the back of his head.

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