The Meme Grinder #3.


The girl:

What is the point of the picture of the girl? I can’t tell if she was the one who made the meme, or if it is a random grab from Google images, and thus made by someone else. The text on her hand probably suggests the former(?). I wouldn’t be surprised if she has probably had a very bad experience with Christians that has in turn led her to be so angry at them, and then in turn angry at the other monotheistic religions.

“Monotheists spreading their bullshit…”

I suspect that she is referring to all three major Monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Well, asserting that a theist’s position is “bullshit” is merely an opinion… I don’t deal in opinions. Again, her anger is coming through. She really needs a hug!

“…trying to oppress atheists…”

This is simply not the case. Atheists enjoy the same rights as everyone else. In fact, atheist organizations are known to sue for the most absurd reasons. For example, atheists sued and demanded that a museum remove the ‘Ground Zero Cross‘ commemorating the loss of lives during 9/11, or in the case of a mother having to remove a memorial cross because of disputes with atheists. In fact, intolerant atheist Dan Barker sued a restaurant owner because she chose to give discounts to people who said grace before their meal. It would appear that the antithesis of what the meme asserts is actually true. I suppose this is just, therefore, the cheap “victim card” that many atheists like to play.

“Asking an atheist to respect religion…”

She is basically saying that atheists shouldn’t respect religion. Period. I take issue with that. Firstly, if you don’t respect other people, and their beliefs, don’t then expect respect in return, but I am quite sure she wants her worldview (atheism) to be respected, and which is the very reason she (or someone else) made this meme. Note the hypocrisy. This could also inevitably lead to further bitterness, and sadness for an atheist in a country (I am assuming the U.S.A) where theism is the majority position. This would suggest that she will have to deal with a great many religious people, and if she is not careful she could isolate herself from many potential quality friends simply because they are religious.

Secondly, I find her words to be rather nasty to many good living Christians (as well as Muslims & Jews) out there. For instance, I certainly disagree with other Christians on issues, and with Muslims, but I have no intention to disrespect them for what they believe. I simply don’t believe what they do. Despite being angered by Islamic extremism (and atheistic, Christian fanaticism) I am still cognizant of the fact that there are many decent people out there who hold to each of these views. It is a respect thing probably shaped by one’s upbringing, and general quality as a person.

“… asking a black person to respect KKK.”

Again, this is a very disrespectful statement. How would she like it if I said the following: “Asking a Christian to respect an atheist is like asking Christians living under Soviet Russia to respect Stalin.”

Yes, Stalin was a convinced atheist (who slaughtered tens-of-millions of people), and if she doesn’t try to dishonestly disown Stalin as an atheist, she would likely have an issue with me comparing her to a tyrant like him. Christians would rightly be offended for being compared to the KKK who are well-known for murdering people just for being black, among other atrocities. In fact, should we just ignore all those “white” Christians who live out their lives in deepest darkest Africa to serve the poorest of people, and often at the risk of their own lives? I wonder how they would view such a disrespectful comment likes this…


Atheist propaganda. Throw it into the grinder.


2 responses to “The Meme Grinder #3.

  1. You just said in the previous post that a lot of the bible is bullshit (not in thoae words but that’s what you implied) so to spread the bible is to spread bullshit. If it is bullshit then why should it be respected at all. It should be called out for what it is. You can’t have it both ways, James. You can’t spread bullshit and still be respected. Of course, you can pick and choose what you want to be real in the bible but why should any of us believe you over some other christian who says that you are wrong.

    • Many Christians likewise believe that (in am assuming you’re an atheist) your atheism is “bullshit.” Therefore, many Christians think you are “spreading bullshit.” Does that warrant them to disrespect you and your view? If you answer no, then you should likewise extend that grace to Christians. People can’t all agree with each other, and the world would be even worse than it is if we all started disrespecting people because they believe differently to others.

      This is also irrelevant to the meme.

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