The Meme Grinder. #1.


“The belief that there was nothing and then suddenly God appeared out of nowhere and made everything after that.”

Firstly, this is actually a massive issue for atheism. Why? Because the atheist has to believe that literally everything arose from literally nothing. This would include things like his very own rationality used to make his argument. Also, how do unintelligent, purposeless forces of nature produce intelligence, and cognitive faculties with the ability to comprehend and reason? Therefore, to use reason the atheist must undermine his worldview! Further (given that the atheist can even reason), how does nothing, which is devoid of space, time, and matter give rise to everything, or anything, for that matter? The atheist has no answer. Thus, this is an issue for atheism, and not for Christian theism despite the apparent ignorance of the person who made this meme. In fact, the analysis by Robin Schumacher is rather apt:

“To the atheist, that ultimate reality is an eternal universe where only physical matter exists. Atheism’s struggle is to explain how the universe is eternal when all scientific discovery shows it had a beginning, and how–since an effect always resembles its cause in essence—an impersonal, non-conscious, meaningless, purposeless, and amoral universe accidentally created personal, conscious, moral beings who are obsessed with meaning and purpose.” (‘An Examination of Atheism’s Truth Claims.’)

Secondly, the entire argument is built upon a severe misunderstanding of the revealed God of Christianity. Does one not think it would be important to first understand the position he chooses to dismiss as nonsensical? Apparently not to the individual who created this meme. According to Christian theism God is the first cause (Gen. 1:1; Rom. 1:20), everlasting & eternal (Isa. 40:28, Deu. 33:27, Psa 90:2, 1 Tim 1:17), and thus has no beginning.If the atheist thinks that this conception of God is nonsensical, then he should engage the text and provide reasons as to why. The meme does not do this.

As already presented above, this is a problem for atheism especially since all scientific evidence points to a finite beginning to the universe. Despite the evidence the atheist Secular Humanist Manifesto defiantly claims that “Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.” In other words, the atheist (not all of them, but many) tries to affirm an eternally existing universe for ideological reasons rather than on evidence. The challenge also presupposes that God is subject to the laws of the universe that he created, however, the atheist must demonstrate why this would logically follow. If he can’t then his argument fails. The meme also entirely ignores this.

God “hates gays.”

It is true that homosexuality is roundly condemned in Scripture, and it is offensive to God (Gen. 19, Lev. 18:22, Rom. 1:26-27, 1 Cor. 6:9). Ancient Israel was called to be holy in the presence of a holy God, however, homosexual practice was a severe sin, and a deliberate defiance of God. Thus, like some other serious offenses, it was punishable by death (Lev. 20:13). However, the death penalty was not applied to anyone who had a homosexual orientation, rather it was the act of defiance in the face of a holy and righteous God. Especially the defiance of a God that had already done so much to preserve and guide his people through danger and trials. Thus, it is just not true that God “hates gays,” and such a claim holds no biblical warrant. In fact Christians, no longer living under the Mosaic Law (Gal. 3:13), are instructed to approach issues with “gentleness and respect” (1 Pet. 3:15), and that would include interactions with homosexual people. The statement in the meme is, therefore, false and can be dismissed.


We have already shown the atheist’s argument that “God appeared from nowhere” to be illogical since it is based on a misunderstanding (and non-engagement) with the Christian texts, and the Christian God (the very religion it sets out to make sound nonsensical!). The challenge also presupposes that God is subject to his very own creation, which is another misunderstanding of the Christian God. Further, to jump from God “hates gays” to undermining his existence as suggested just does not logically follow. Not only is the blind assertion that God hates gays a false and unwarranted statement, but it could also very well be the case that an all-powerful being could exist that hates many things. Thus, the atheist must logically prove why this cannot be the case. The meme does not do that. Instead, rather ironically, the meme brings forward atheism’s most prominent weakness: creation from nothing.

If there is anything that can be said that I have neglected then please let me know in the comment section below! 


8 responses to “The Meme Grinder. #1.

  1. The atheist must believe in something eternal. If not God, then an eternal universe. They choose the latter because they are offended at God and believe he hates them. The truth is, he hates certain behavior that alienates him and his creation. God hates all sin, but he “demonstrates his own love in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.” Keep grinding away, brother!
    -John Bryant

  2. i don’t believe in magic …..that is anything that can interfere with the known laws of nature .believers have to believe in magic to believe in a god

    • Nothing making something is actually worst than magic. Magic makes much more sense than the broad areas of atheism (nihilist, multiverse, eternal universe, self-design) which are pseudoscience theories with verified evidence, but thanks for trying…

    • We don’t believe in magic either keith. But then I wonder what answers you would bring to the table on issues like consciousness, the complexity of the cell/info in a cell, the laws of logic, design and order in nature, intelligence, morality, Jesus Christ, free will, a 1st cause etc? The list goes on…

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