“Reading the Bible made me an atheist.” A reply.


It is understandable why some people have become atheists after reading the Bible. Many have argued that the God of the Bible is “genocidal,” “a cosmic bully,” and “evil.”The skeptic could argue that there is scriptural support for their position as many verses are morally repugnant. Sacrificing infants, committing genocide in the name of Yahweh, questionable laws and so forth can all be found in the Bible. This would undoubtedly put many people off. On the other hand some people who claim to be Christians only maintain their faith because they have a false notion of the God of the Bible. Once they read the Bible and find out how God really is, they then reject him.

Neutrality is a myth. When a skeptic reads the Bible he approaches it with a bias, just as the Christian would. In other words, many people approach the biblical text with a naturalistic worldview. Given the truth of naturalism, the biblical narratives would seem absurd. Things like God dividing the sea via Moses for the Israelites to pass through safely, or Jesus’ miracles, or talking animals would seem absurd. However, that is only because a skeptic’s worldview rejects God and the supernatural a priori.

A Christian might also point out that many people have embraced Christianity after studying the Bible. Former atheists like Lee Strobel, Jim Wallace, Alister McGrath, Francis Collins, Holly Ordway, C.S Lewis, David Wood, Ravi Zacharias, and Darrin Rasberry could testify to this. Some, like Michael Bird, have studied the life of Jesus and become convinced of his deity. So the Christian would be correct in pointing out that not everyone who reads the Bible becomes an atheist.


8 responses to ““Reading the Bible made me an atheist.” A reply.

  1. I was already an Atheist when I read the Bible. but after reading it, I went from neutral to Anti-Christian, I was even married to a Christian for 6 years in my 20’s.

    But after reading the Bible I learnt, that everything I had been told by every Christian over the Past 30 years was a Lie … I won’t go into the dozens of lies I was told .. but here are 7:

    1. Jesus came for peace – Then I read Matt 10:34 ” Do not think I came For Peace ”

    2. Jesus fulfilled the Prophecies – No he didn’t, the (2.a)Jews did not go home, he was Adopted by Joseph, and unless you overturn 4,000 years of Jewish tradition and count Mary, Jesus was not descended from the house of David(2.b) and he did not bring world peace(2.c).

    3. Jesus was a well known figure during his life-time – No – in fact no-one seems to know Jesus existed until some 50-80 years after eg Josephusetc.

    4. I was told ” Read the Bible and you will have all the details about >> HOW << the earth was created " – I read 4 words ' God created the Earth' – Pathetic – that made me angry.

    5. Reading the Bible showed my that no-one knew of the 2nd covenant until Paul came on the scene . The Jews, The Pharisee, the Sadducee, The Greeks, the Romans, the Gentiles – not one single person mentions the 2nd covenant until 15-20 years after Jesus died.

    6. I learnt that Jesus's brother himself is still following the Torah and telling Paul to prove he is a Torah- abiding Jew. ( acts 21:21)

    7 I learnt that a lot of beliefs were based on the blunders of the Septuagint translators. 1 Example ( there are several ) Almah = Virgin, it's dead give away when only the feminine use of Alma is translated as virgin, but not the masculine. And every Christian conveniently ignores the confession of Jerome ( who made the Vulgate translation from the Hebrew into Latin) // the Hebrew word denotes a young woman, not a virgin, that is to say, the word is ALMAH, not BETHULAH"! (Jerome, The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary, N&PNF, vi, 336.) //

    These 7 are but a few of the loads of lies I was told, over 30 years worth of Christian lies … and THAT is why I became Anti-Christian .

    • Well, technically, the passage in Isaiah only makes sense if you read it as ‘virgin.’ Isaiah talks about the Lord giving a sign: a “young, unmarried woman” will give birth.

      What else would fit but ‘virgin’? The Jews who translated Isaiah in the Septuagint translated it as ‘virgin,’ not the Christians. (And, for the record, Jerome used the Septuagint.)

      I don’t believe in the God of the Bible, either, but let’s not make ourselves look as bad as the creationists who use dubious info to “prove” their claims.

    • I personally am a Christian, and the issue I see with your arguments; is that you’re looking at the Bible from a literal perspective (Fundamentalism?). Furthermore, I must emphasize, you can’t take concepts of Christianity literally, because the Bible is full of metaphors and of different meanings of virtue and righteousness than what the scripture actually means.

      For example, you stated, “Jesus came for peace – Then I read Matt 10:34 ” Do not think I came For Peace ”.

      Well, Jesus didn’t come to make peace, He came to die on the cross to wipe away our sins |John 3:16|. The gospels faithfully teach us about God’s power and how His gift shall be shared to each person who turns to Him in genuine repentance. According to the Bible, for someone to surrender fully to Christianity you must, Admit |Romans 3:23|, Believe |Romans 5:8| and Commit |Romans 10:9| to Him.

      Additionally, the Bible mentions that there will NEVER be peace on THIS world |Matthew 24 6-7| |John 16:33|.

      Though my arguments might not persuade you, if you ever feel the need to talk about the Lord then please email me: Nicholaspanda41@gmail.com

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  3. “There is an irony here, however. That being the fact that skeptics are so quick to accuse God for not doing away with evil in the world, but when he does act against evil in the most appropriate way he deems fit then he becomes a genocidal maniac, unworthy of worship, an “ethnic cleanser.” One can’t have their cake and eat it too, but the skeptic does this. ”
    There are lots of ways to get rid of evil and maybe god could figure out how to do this without becoming evil himself.

    It’s hard for you to see the truth because you are scared of losing everything that is precious to you. If you were to start understanding what a shitty piece of text the bible is, you may actually begin to not believe and that would wreck your world. so you continue believing, voting, making decisions based off your beliefs (that affect me), and you will never question it because of what you would lose. That, my friend, is not very brave. Be brave and courageous.

    Let me ask you this: Why don’t you believe that Zeus is the one true god?

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