“Evolution makes God irrelevant.” A reply.


The Christian could respond in two ways. Firstly, on a god-of-the-gaps strawman and a genetic fallacy.

Evolution, given its truth, could only dismiss the existence of God if one used him to plug our knowledge on things we don’t know. But if Christianity holds to a completely transcendent God, an entity that runs the whole show, he cannot be explained away by human discoveries of how the universe works. Particularly because this God would have created the universe with all its mechanism. The Christian could respond by saying that evolution nor any other scientific discovery could explain the Christian conception of God away.

Secondly, an atheist philosopher by the name of Daniel Dennett has argued that belief in God is a by-product of the evolutionary process. If his conclusions follow then believe in God, he claims, can be discarded as irrational. However, one could catch Dennett in the trap of the genetic fallacy. One could argue that if God really did create humanity via an evolutionary process we would expect him to install a knowledge of him within us. That could be the case should the Christian God wishes for humanity to know him. Secondly, Dennett’s conclusion wouldn’t follow as to try and explain away someone’s belief away based on how they came to inherit that belief is a fallacy. It commits the genetic fallacy. For instance, a Muslim child is a Muslim only because he was born in Syria, but does that mean Islam is a false religion because he was born in Syria? That conclusion wouldn’t follow and the same would apply to evolution and belief in God.


10 responses to ““Evolution makes God irrelevant.” A reply.

    • “Evolution cannot explain creation.”
      Precisely. The reason is because there’s no “creation” out there. The organisms we see today evolved, they were not created, therefore Evolution explains the evolution of animals. Theories that deal with fantasy and other myths like Creationism are not part of the scientific process.

      • “The organisms we see today evolved, they were not created.”

        How did they get started in the first place? Survival of the fittest presumes the arrival of the fit. See my second reply to Craig below.

      • If you agree that Evolution doesn’t attempt to explain the origin of life, then why did you bother saying “Evolution cannot explain creation”?

      • Because apparently anyone who says evolution makes God irrelevant seems to think that evolution DOES explain the origin of life, and it does not. “Survival of the fittest” presumes the arrival of the fit. Evolution only describes events AFTER the beginning of the universe, life on earth, etc. Something (Someone?) is still needed to get the whole thing started. There the above statement, “Evolution makes God irrelevant” is false.

      • I see what you mean now Mark. To be honest I didn’t read the article properly, I barely skimmed it, but after reading it properly I see that it is talking about Evolution disproving God.

        The title of the article is a bit ambiguous I think. Why not call it “Evolution Disproves God” – a reply.

        The statement “Evolution makes God irrelevant” is more intuitively interpreted as “Evolution makes God irrelevant in explaining speciation.”

        As James says in his second paragraph, it is impossible to disprove God, and I think most atheists including myself agree. Most atheists strongly argue that the burden is on theists to prove that their God exists rather than on atheists to disprove their God. So I find it quite strange that this article is suggesting atheists are using Evolution to debunk God. Perhaps there are some out there, but I think they would be a small minority.

        Have you noticed that no atheists have bothered to object to this article?

  1. Yes, and many, many Christians have no problem with evolution in general.Happy Mother’s Day, Craig!

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