Demographics of the unaffiliated (Pew Research Center)


A study by the Pew Research Center suggests that the unaffiliated (agnostics, atheists) are more likely to be single, and male when compared to the public in general. 35% of the unaffiliated are below the age of 30 (57% below 50 years of age), and gender wise 56% happen to be men and 44% women. The study also suggests that the unaffiliated are less likely to be married, but more likely to be living with a partner. 39% are married as opposed to 51% of the general public, and on average the education and income levels of the unaffiliated are more or less the same as those in the general public.

31% of the unaffiliated have at least a college degree which is a few percentage points higher than the general public which stands at 28%, and and their annual family income roughly matches that of the general public. 71% of the are non-Hispanic whites compared to 68% of religiously affiliated, while only 9% of blacks and 11% of Hispanics are also in the unaffiliated camp.

View the full study at the Pew Research Center

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