Is Christianity Anti-Evolution?


Christian apologist Nick Peters is quite relevant to this point noting that the “question of evolution does not matter to the text. Believe it or not, we do not have to choose which side we want to come down on. The Bible doesn’t address the question.”

Thus, if Peters is correctm the Bible cannot be anti-evolutionary if it does not address the theory. This logic is quite straightforward since it would not have, given the reliability of the biblical testimony, suited God’s salvific purposes in describing how the theory of evolution functions to an ancient Moses, especially in a time some thousands of years ago where scientific knowledge of the world was limited. Elsewhere the Christian could point out that many devout, Bible believing Christians hold that God and evolutionary theory are compatible. Not all Christians reject it. For example, world leading geneticist known for leading the former Human Genome Project Francis Collins argues that Darwinian evolution “merely shows us something of how He [God] operates.” Biologist Jeff Schloss thinks that “evolutionary theory is compatible with faith,” while Darrel Falk believes that “Christians should see all of this as the product of God’s masterful plan and ongoing activity.” One could go on here noting prominent Christian thinkers who hold to evolution (N.T. Wright, Tim Keller, Peter Enns, Kathryn Applegate, Dennis Venema, Ard Louis and Jeff Hardin). Several ministries support this view, not limited to but including, Biologos, God of Evolution, and Evidence For Christianity. A further survey publish by the Science Education Journal found that some 40% of Americans said God “guided” evolution to create humans. Peter Hess, the Religious Community Outreach director at Science Education comments: “Theologians, clergy, scientists, and others belonging to many religious traditions have concluded that their religious views are compatible with evolution, and are even enhanced by the knowledge of nature that science provides.” Prominnent Prfessor and philosopher Alvin Plantinga is of the opinion that “The theory of evolution doesn’t say that the whole process is guided by God. Of course it doesn’t say that. But it also doesn’t say that it isn’t. Being a scientific theory, it doesn’t make any statements on that point.”

What this seems to suggest, to me at least, is that not every Christians would agree that Christianity is necessarily anti-evolution. This is also not to give the impression that many Christians are anti-evolution, for there are many that are.


One response to “Is Christianity Anti-Evolution?

  1. Ridiculous! God made, formed, fashioned…created everything! He did not sit back and wait! No mention of evolution, because it directly opposes God and he has left us with the certainty of his power. If you do not believe God made the heavens and the earth, yet you claim to know him…think again. Maybe you have no concept of God at all. Seek him with all your heart and he will reveal the truth to you. The people named in this article…are people. They are not God. Listen to His Holy Spirit and let the Word of Truth be your guide, not faulty men made of dust. Eve ate the apple once, don’t fall for it again!

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