Many Atheists Seem to be Angry at God.


In a study by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on college students it was found that atheists and agnostics reported more anger at God during their lifetimes than did believers. The lead study author Julie Exline, a psychologist at Case Western Reserve University, comments: “It seems that more religious people are less likely to feel angry at God and more likely to see his intentions as well-meaning. Granted, these studies aren’t definitive; they are steps forward in this emerging field of inquiry and not the final word on the subject.”

Exline’s study also suggested that those most angry at God were people with the poorest mental and physical health. It is also evident that people become angry with God when he seems treacherous or cruel by allowing bad things to happen. Exline also says that some of the reasons she’s seen people the angriest at God include rejection from preferred colleges and sports injuries preventing high schoolers from competing:

“At first glance, this finding seemed to reflect an error. How could people be angry with God if they did not believe in God? Reanalyses of a second data set revealed similar patterns: Those who endorsed their religious beliefs as “atheist/agnostic” or “none/unsure” reported more anger toward God than those who reported a religious affiliation.”

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22 responses to “Many Atheists Seem to be Angry at God.

      • That’s what I thought!
        Is not enlightenment such a wonderful thing.
        Now all you have to do is work on your ability to reason and develop a sense of humour.

    • Hilarious!

      Yes, it is. Atheists like Arkenaten and Deb Nicke trying to deny a scientific study without no evidence whatsoever only because it does not fit their preconceived ideas. So much for rationality.

      • What scientific study, dickhead?
        How can a person possibly be angry at something they do not believe in?
        Are you angry at Santa Claus because he didn’t bring you the right toys?

      • Love when atheists disguise their bad arguments with insults and ad-hominem attacks.

        “What scientific study, dickhead?”

        Bad reading comprehension, huh?

        “In a study conducted by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology…”

        How can a person possibly be angry at something they do not believe in?

        Of course, it is completely illogical, which does not mean it is not real. If you think people follow rules of logic all the time, you are more deluded than I thought. People are often illogical. (You must be very young in order not to be able to grasp this very basic concept of human behavior. By the way, your being very young would explain a lot: your bad arguments, your insults and this posturing of intellectual smugness that does not correspond to your intellectual value).

        In addition, being an atheist or theist is not a static condition. For example, as their biographers claim, Darwin oscillated between deism, agnosticism and atheism, depending on the day. An atheist can have short relapses into theism (I have seen some of my acquaintances doing that) so he can be angry with God during these relapses but, afterward, identify as an “atheist” when the study is conducted.

        In the words of the link included in this page (that I guess you have not read).

        People unaffiliated with organized religion, atheists and agnostics also report anger toward God either in the past

        (“Either in the past” refers to atheist not being a static condition, as I have said.)

        , or anger focused on a hypothetical image – that is, what they imagined God might be like

        “Anger focused on a hypothetical image” refers to people not being logical, as I have said.

        Of course, it is illogical to have anger to a hypothetical image but people are often illogical.

        For example, you are illogical when you waste your limited time of existence fighting a God that you think it does not exist, which is the definition of insanity. Instead you should enjoy your short time on Earth because time flies and the nothingness is getting closer and closer to you. Every minute you waste on the Internet fighting non-existent things and insulting people you don’t know is a minute that you are not enjoying life, with friends, girlfriends, etc. Life is short.

        (And no. Even if I am a Christian and, hence, I believe my time is not limited, I won’t waste a second in order to fight things I don’t think they exist, such as Santa Claus and unicorns. I am not that dumb.)

      • By the way, James, I apologize if there are grammar or spelling mistakes in my comments. English is not my native tongue and I don’t live in an English-speaking country

      • Bad reading comprehension, huh?

        Not in the least. I reiterate, what scientific study?
        Read the phrase correctly then you may overcome your own, poor reading comprehension.
        Clue: Find the word scientific in the post.

        So, once again, why would anyone be angry at something they do not believe in?

        Struggling to figure it out?

  1. This makes absolutely no sense. How can we be angry at something that doesn’t even exist? This logic defies the very definition of atheism. But, I guess christians need some explanation as to why others don’t believe they same way they do. Anything, as long as they don’t have to honestly consider the REAL reasons we’ve been trying to point out: Facts, contradictions, fallacies, inaccuracies, impossibilities, and illogical text in the bible itself. You forget the fact that we often know the bible much better than most christians do. If you really want to know why we are atheists: Just READ your bible without skipping over the inconvenient verses.

    • Sometimes people don’t make sense. If you are going to deny a scientific study, please bring scientific evidence instead of discarding the information you don’t like.

    • Christians don’t need to reference the Bible to give evidence of God’s existence. I think you may be talking about evidence for the Christian God. You can believe in a Deity or deities w/o being a Christian, but you can’t believe in a Deity (or deities) and remain an atheist. (BTW, some of the nonbiblical arguments for the existence of God include the Cosmological, Fine-Tuning, Moral arguments, the argument from consciousness, intentionality, efficient causality, etc. etc).

  2. By the way, it is true that there are Bible difficulties. There are books devoted to explaining these verses, based on the historical knowledge we have so far. Most often, the interpretation of atheists is terribly dumb because they don’t bother to study the Bible. They read the verses as if they were written today, instead of interpreting them in the context of the Ancient Near East and the literary genre they were written. This is called by atheists “knowing your Bible better than you do”. Of course, every atheist claims that. I guess it is an example of Dunning-Kruger effect.

    Anyway, it is rich that Deb Nicke talks about skipping inconvenient verses in the same act of skipping an inconvenient scientific study. I guess denial is not only a river in Egypt.

    • I have probably studied the bible more times than you have had hot dinners.
      There are plenty of archaeological articles and books that show ample evidence that the Exodus, for example, did not happen; that the Pentateuch is nothing but Historical Fiction.
      Anyone with a grain of integrity and genuine interest in uncovering the truth would have researched this particular field relentlessly without simply positing their own presuppositional worldview and jamming everything else in to fit.

      And once again, scientific study are you talking about?

        • Are you making a claim there is an actual god that an atheist who does not believe in deities is angry at?
          If so,which god, please, and then explain why an atheist would be angry at it?

  3. I know it sounds weird, and I’m not sure I fully understand it, but C.S. Lewis (arguably the greatest Christian apologist of the 20th century) said of his days as an atheist: “I didn’t believe God existed, and I was angry with Him for not existing.” Make of it what you will. Also, after hearing Christopher Hitchens debate the existence of God with a Christian, someone said this, “Christopher’s attitude seems to be, ‘There is no God, and I hate Him.’ ”
    Now that I’ve answered your question, Ark, you answer mine:

    Are you making the claim that psychology isn’t science?

    • BTW, one possibility is that some atheists aren’t as atheistic as they claim. Or maybe they don’t believe in the existence of a LOVING God.

      I really don’t know; I’m not an atheist.

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