Who Created God?


This argument, widely known to have been made by Dawkins, ask that “if God created everything then who created God?” However, there are a few responses a believer can make.

Firstly, consider Dawkins’ own book (The God Delusion). We all know that Dawkins authored his book. But would it be considered logical for a skeptic to argue that we can’t really know who designed the book because the author would need a designer? Dawkins did author the book regardless of who did or did not design him. This shows that the argument doesn’t disprove the existence of a god, for the Christian God designed the universe then we wouldn’t need to know who designed God for the simple reason that God still designed the universe.

To draw out another analogy say we travel to the moon and find evidence of some abandoned yet sophisticated equipment. We would rightfully conclude that intelligent beings must have visited the moon. But if we would use Dawkins’ logic we would have to dismiss this evidence because we don’t know who designed them or where they are from within the galaxy/universe. The point is that they still visited the moon even if we don’t know who designed them.

A second point concerns biblical theology. The Christian God that is said ti be self-sufficient and therefore uncaused (Isaiah 43:10-13, 48:12-13, John 1:1-3). And concerning our best evidence for cosmology on the Big Bang something must have existed as a primary first cause in order for everything else to exist. Christian Eric Hyde explains that “What is a Christian to do but smile at such a question? God is the antecedent of all things in creation and is eternal. If God had a Creator then His Creator would be God. God is God precisely because He does not have a creator” (1).


1. Hyde, E. 2014. Top 10 Most Common Atheist Arguments, and Why They Fail. Available.



One response to “Who Created God?

  1. This has been dubbed by one Christian apologist (I forget the name), “The worst objection to the existence of God imaginable.” It commits a massive category error. It’s like asking “Who made the Unmade?”, or “Where is the bachelor’s wife?”. Fitting that Dawkins would say in his book that it was the centerpiece of his argument against God.

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