Miracles Studies From South Africa.


Professor Keener in his tome Miracles found that healing reports are frequent in South Africa (1). A further non-charismatic European researcher reported on many healings in connection with a revival among the Zulu people of South Africa in the 1970s (2). Among others, these included a number of cases where deafness and muteness were cured (3), people being healed who had been dying (4), and claims regarding blindness and paralysis (5).

Moreover, Christiaan De Wet, who has surveyed more than 350 theses on miracles, also conducted interviews with members of the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa, noting dramatic occasions where the blind could see and the lame could walk. These healing campaigns produces church growth within the region, as reported by De Wet (6) and Johan Engelbrecht (7). Already in the 20th century, many miracles were attributed to the Zulu evangelist William Duma, including raising a girl from the dead (8).

Richard Ngidi, a Zulu layman, felt burdened for the needs in his region and after forty days of prayer and fasting reported that he began to see miracles; he and his colleagues now plant churches in conjunction with healing campaigns (9).

Moreover, as Knapp found, many Hindus in South Africa have become Baptists as a result of healings, such as the instant healing of a mute girl after prayer (10). Professor Keener reports that one friend, Rodney Ragwan, shared with him a testimony about how many he was with were healed when prayed for by his grandfather Kisten Ragwan, an Indian Baptist tailor in South Africa. In one case a Hindu who had suffered for eight months from severe stomach problems, cured neither by doctors nor traditional healers, was instantly healed when Kisten prayed for him. The man was so convinced that he became a Christian (11).


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