A Few Dozen Dramatic Miracle Testimonies from Studies.


Professor Craig Keener in an interview on his miracle research.


The following list is a compilation of some dramatic healing testimonies as provided by Professor Craig Keener’s study as well as many others. In its current form this list neglects any of the many testimonies from Europe, and North/South America. Since I have conducted my own investigations into miracle healings (which I can hopefully continue this coming holiday) I have also included my research. I would also recommend interacting with some of the source links in the references section at the end.

Convinced Eyewitness Claimants.

Leo Bawa, a PhD candidate Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, testifies to being an eyewitness: “By God’s grace I have seen God healing all kinds of diseases and sicknesses by his power: malaria, pains and aches, cancer, depression, bones; and the dead brought back to life” (59). Professor Keener’s correspondence with Dr. Nicole Matthews confirmed an eyewitness testimony to healing of a paralyzed woman on a mat (60). Dr. Julie Ma, a Korean missiologist at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies, claims to be an eyewitness to the healing of an old man with a critical spinal problem, she saw that after prayer he “was instantly healed and he stood up and walked away.” Another time she saw “an old man who had been deaf in both ears since he was a young man was instantly healed” (61). The former principal of the Malaysia Theological Seminary, turned bishop, in Asia affirms that “the miraculous is assumed and fairly regularly experienced” (62). Sung-Gun Kim tells us that “Pentecostal Christianity within Latin America, Africa and Asia” have experiences of “exorcism, healings… and so forth” (63). In India we are told that “many tangible miracles have happened such as the healing of the deaf and dumb and incurable diseases which strengthened the ministry in its initial stage” (64). A Western researcher in the Philippines found out “that 83% of them actually reported that they had experienced some dramatic healing from God in their bodies” (65). Martin found that miracle healing and exorcism compose “a large proportion” of South India’s Christian population (66), whereas Betty Young, an archivist of United Mission to Nepal, says that in Nepal “there must be thousands who have come to the Lord through healing” (67). Edmond Tang says that “according to some surveys, 90% of new believers cite healing as a reason for their conversion” (68). Of Christianity in China David Aikman concludes that “it is difficult to investigate the phenomenon of Christianity in China today without hearing stories of miraculous healings” (69). According to Professor Keener there is evidence that after someone has been “miraculously healed, and a church being started in a village the next day, in a whole region—sometimes entire villages turning to faith in Christ” (69).

My Miracle Investigations.

My lecturer in Ethics, who is also a pastor, prayed for a man with a cancerous tumour on the brain. This man had all but accepted that death would result, since he was given mere months to live. In that moment of prayer the man had an overwhelming heat sensation in his head, and scans the following week revealed that the tumour had shrunk to the size of a scab, and amazingly it had relocated to the bottom of his brain at the back of his head. A South African pastor of 37 years affirmed that when he prayed and anointed with oil a deformed baby that was soon to die the baby then recovered fully. This pastor was invited to her 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday parties. And when doctors confirmed this remarkable recovery one of them remarked: “I don’t believe in God, but whatever you did worked.”  A friend of mine from my college witnessed an occasion where an elderly women with a deformed back was fully healed. She heard the woman’s back crack “into place.” My personal GP booked an elderly lady in for a back operation to rectify a dislodged spinal disc. A few days before the operation, in which my GP was operating as an assistant, the woman returned to her practice claiming that her back had healed after her family had prayed for her. Subsequent scans of her back confirmed this full recovery and the operation was cancelled. When I asked my GP what she thought of this she said that “some things are not scientifically explainable.”

A pastor, Desmond, of a church in Cape Town recounted how a woman at his church with several cancerous nodules was fully healed after walking through a prayer chain. On a missionary effort a fellow team member of Desmond’s recounts how after prayer a beggar’s stump leg had grown over a dozen centimeters in front of his eyes. The team was confused as to why God had not fully restored the man’s leg. Their theory was that the miracle “was about him, God never intended to fully heal his leg.” This man has now “given his life to Christ.” Desmond went on about a dozen or so other miracles he has seen in his time as a pastor.

A friend of mine also recounted how an elderly woman’s eyesight was restored when she walked through the church halls of T.B. Joshua’s The Synagogue Church of all Nations in Nigeria. My friend walked alongside this elderly lady who subsequently exclaimed that she could see inside the auditorium. Joshua is widely known to have the ability to perform dramatic miracle healings.

55% of Doctors Claim to See Medical Miracles.

According to a study of 1100 physicians 55% of them claim to have seen miracle healings (69). As a result most physicians pray for their patients as a group (51%) while even more (59%) pray for individual patients (63).

Miracles in China.

Earlier reports from some members of the official China Christian Council suggested that roughly “half of the new conversions of the last twenty years have been caused by faith healing experiences” of the convert or someone close to them (1). Speaking more broadly of Christians in China in general, one researcher cites less conservative estimates; “according to some surveys, 90% of new believers cite healing as a reason for their conversion” (2).

Christianity Spreads Due to Healings.

In one report the recovery of a boy nearly dead from drowning, after more than twenty-four hours of prayer, led to the spread of Christianity in an area (3). In 1989, Zhao Guifang, nearly bedridden, was healed of a chronic illness (diagnosed as inoperable uterine cancer and appendicitis) during a vision; as a result, Christianity spread and a church grew to five hundred (4).

Healing Causes Congregation Growth.

In the 1980s, David Wang, Chinese director of Asian Outreach, recounted a report he heard in 1981 from a woman doctor exiled to Inner Mongolia because of her testimony. Because the local official’s wife was miraculously healed in answer to the doctor’s prayer (as well as converted), the official allowed the Christians considerable freedom, and the doctor’s congregation had grown to twelve hundred. Many continued to be healed and delivered from harmful spirits there (5).

80% of a Village Convert After Healing.

Stanley Mooneyham, who was president of World Vision International from 1969 to 1982, also recounted a report from a girl he interviewed, who informed him that 80 percent of her village had been converted in response to a miraculous healing (6).

Handicapped Man Healed.

A foreign interviewer reports various accounts in China. One interviewee claims, “In 1992 . . . I could hardly walk, and I was in terrible pain. . . . My younger brother is a Christian. He just prayed for me once, and the leg didn’t hurt any more. . . . Soon afterwards, I could get up and walk again” (7).

Singer Healed.

Chen Guifang was “bed-ridden for eight years,” fed through a tube because she was “unable to eat”; the day after her conversion, she asked for food for the first time in years, and “after a month she recovered completely,” leading to the starting of a new church. Likewise, the researcher claims that Chen Heying “had throat cancer for three years and no doctor dared operate on her”; after having been healed, she now sings daily (8). Lambert also notes that one healing of broken bones (over the course of three weeks) led many to Christ.

Atheists Convert to Christians After Miracle.

In one taped interview an atheist whose daughter had heart disease became a believer and invited Christians to pray. “After ten days,” he said, “she could leave the hospital because she was much better” (9). Another taped interview involves a woman who could not be helped by doctors, who claims that she thus decided to become a Christian and was healed (10). The interviewer notes that many traveling evangelists report healing experiences, and she has heard these reports from those approved by the government church (11). She also provides other testimonies of healings from her taped interviews (12).

University Administrator Healed.

A university administrator who was close to death from her sickness was healed after some Christian friends prayed for her, and she became a committed follower of Christ (13). Morevoer, one observer notes that a close friend of his, whom he calls Mr. Huang, had an advanced case of hepatitis, swelling his body; he was yellow and near death, and “the doctors offered little or no hope of his survival.” As it turned out, he recovered within a few weeks after prayer, to the doctors’ surprise, though four others had entered the hospital “with similar symptoms” after he did, and all had died (14).

Zhao Su’e Cancer Heals.

In Taixing, in October 1989, doctors discovered that Zhao Su’e, age twenty-one, had serious cancer, and they estimated that she had six months to live, with only a 1 percent chance of long-term survival. A Christian prayed for her, and over the next few months she recovered and was found to be completely healthy; as a result, the church in Taixing grew from a handful of believers to five or six thousand by 1994 (15).

Woman Fully Recovers.

In another interesting case a non-Christian woman, so far gone that a doctor ordered her taken to where cadavers were kept, regained consciousness enough to cry out to Jesus, of whom she knew only a little. Soon she recovered fully, with her healing influencing surrounding villages (16). Learning of her testimony, a forsaken old man suffering for years from bleeding and open sores asked the woman, now apparently a new Christian, to pray for him. He was completely healed within two days, and others began to ask Jesus to heal them. According to this source, X-rays showed another man’s two broken ribs, but without obtaining medical treatment he went to another district to recuperate; two days later, after prayer, a new X-ray showed that the ribs were no longer broken or showed signs of a break (17).

Woman’s Healing Converts “Most of the Village.”

In a dramatic case a fifty-eight-year-old woman in a village in 1995 was dying of an incurable disease; she had not eaten or drunk anything for three days. Because her younger brother was a Christian, a group of Christians gathered to pray, and the whole village came to watch. The villagers promised to believe if she was healed. The believers prayed for half an hour; she started to drink, and the next day she had fully recovered. Most of the village became Christians (18).

Elderly Lady’s Eye Healed.

An elderly woman pastor, with a year of medical training, lamented to Craig Keener her small faith in seeing only seven or eight dramatic healings, plus many less dramatic ones, over the years. When I asked her if she had ever witnessed healings of eyes or ears, she immediately told me the story of a non-Christian elderly woman about ten years earlier, who had not been able to open one of her eyes for twenty-seven or maybe twenty-eight years due to a nerve problem. As soon as this pastor laid hands on her, the eye opened. The healed woman immediately became a Christian and remains one today (19).

Atheist Family Converts.

In 2007, while Keener briefly visited one location in Asia before lecturing elsewhere,
 he had an unplanned opportunity to ask a number of Chinese
 pastors some questions whom he met there. Although he was given to understand that these pastors were
not “charismatics” or Pentecostals, when he asked them if any of
them had firsthand accounts of healings, he had time to write down only a
sample of the accounts that they had available. One account, independently 
reported to Keener by two individuals present, involved a prominent atheist 
family. The elderly mother was diagnosed in three hospitals as having
 inoperable, terminal, and rapidly spreading brain stem cancer; walking soon
 became impossible in this state. Within a month after prayer, however, the
 tumor had shrunk from two centimeters to the size of a grain of rice, and she
 soon began walking and carrying on normally, to the astonishment of her
 physicians. The entire family are now believers, and the elderly mother has 
testified widely of her recovery (20).

Jun Kim’s Face Healed After Fall.

One seminarian, Jun Kim, informed Keener of his injury in 2004 when he fell from 
roughly the equivalent of the roof of a two-story building (62). His face was 
paralyzed from a head injury; he could not open one eye or control his facial
 movement but decided against surgery for his head injury. Another patient in 
the same hospital room had the same symptoms, which the surgery had failed
 to alleviate, and was shocked that Jun Kim would refuse the surgery. Jun prayed 
and committed himself to the Lord, whether God would heal him or not; the 
next morning, he was able to begin to move his face. Seeing the changed
 condition of Jun Kim’s face, the doctor remarked that this was amazing; he 
could go home and just keep exercising his face, which is now fully well. Jun
 Kim’s hospital roommate was astonished that Jun Kim left the hospital before
he did.

Singh Converts After Healing of His Foot. 

Kuldeep Singh, had intractable epilepsy for many years. One day his seizures were particularly severe, and he was unconscious for a few hours. Because Pastor Jarnail Singh was known for the sick being healed when he prayed for them, Kuldeep was taken to him. From the time of that prayer, Kuldeep had no more treatment and no more seizures, although he had experienced these regularly before; this was fourteen or fifteen years ago. Thoroughly convinced that he had been healed, Kuldeep became a believer in Jesus and a pastor. Knowing that Alex’s specialist training was as a neurologist, I asked him what he made of this testimony. He noted that with a case of epilepsy this severe, with continual seizures, their abrupt, complete, and permanent stop thereafter is very unusual (21).

Indonesians Claim to Wtness Miracle Healing.

The author of another study on converts to Christianity in Indonesia noted that of his twenty-seven interviews, miracles or supernatural experiences factored in the conversion process of twenty-two of them (22). Some were converted through visions or recurring dreams (23). One Indonesian found no spiritual power for answered prayer in traditional religious options, but, finding it in a somewhat eccentric charismatic church, converted to Christianity (24). After the showing of the Jesus Film in the village of Pamongan in central Java, some became Christians at great risk to themselves, and miracles, including healings, have followed believers’ prayers and often led to conversions (25).

Swieson’s Gran Saved by Prayer. 

Eddy Swieson, member of a Chinese family in Indonesia, was present when his grandmother, after three days in a coma and deemed hopeless by a doctor, lay dying. Though her husband was devout in his religion and angry with Christians, he allowed a pastor to pray for her. As the family watched, she opened her eyes, asked for a glass of milk, and talked about a figure in white who had appeared to her. She recovered quickly, and her husband became a committed Christian (26).

Lewis’s Internal Organs Healed.

Eveline Susanto Lewis, raised in a non-monotheistic family in Indonesia, also shared with Keener her experience of conversion through healing. She was injured in a road accident as a fourteen-year-old girl some thirty years ago but did not know that she might have internal as well as external injuries. Two nights later she woke up vomiting blood, which she kept doing at roughly five-minute intervals. It was the weekend, and no hospital was available at the time. Her brother was a Christian and prayed for her in a separate room while she also prayed to Jesus; finally he felt that the prayer had been answered and returned to her room, where she had stopped coughing up blood. She never coughed it up again; when she went to the hospital later the doctor said that her experience sounded like it could have been caused by injury to an internal organ. Nevertheless, he found nothing wrong with her, including in the X-rays. She was convinced that Jesus healed her, and she became a committed Christian (27).

Daughter Healed. 

In one report from the Solomon Islands, a father and mother moved by watching Jesus raise a girl from the dead in the Jesus Film prayed for their dying five-year old daughter. Although the doctors had said that her condition was terminal, she awoke completely well in the morning. The doctors could not medically explain her healing (28).

Woman Healed From Deafness.

One night after Flint Hicks finished preaching in Fiji, he invited people forward who needed prayer. Nevertheless, he was surprised when one young woman, about age sixteen, began yelling, along with Flint’s colleagues who had prayed for her. She had been deaf in both ears, but now she could suddenly hear (29).

Baby Fully Healed.

Josiah Mataika from Fiji noted that when his aunt gave birth, the baby was blind and was only expected to live only a few days; his grandmother, a pastor, led the family to pray and fast in hopes that God might intervene. The child’s eyes were healed, and she is now in third grade (30).

Matthew Dawson Healed From Meningitis.

On a Tuesday evening in April 2007, Matthew Dawson, a Youth With a Mission leader from New Zealand, was hospitalized in Australia, delirious and with excruciating pain; eight hours later, doctors confirmed that he had meningitis. After Matthew had been in the emergency room for nearly forty-eight hours, the doctor ordered him moved to a different room, warning that it might be weeks or even months before he would be well enough to leave. As he was being moved, however, on Thursday evening at 6:15 p.m., his body suddenly felt warm. Although doses of morphine over the past forty-two hours had not significantly alleviated his pain, the pain now instantly vanished. He felt well, and within minutes, he fell asleep; when he awoke at 1 p.m. the next day, he insisted that he was fine. Tests then revealed that there was nothing wrong with him physically. The doctor who examined him was shocked but confirmed that he was well and released him that afternoon. Soon after this experience, he called his father and learned that “the moment of my healing was exactly at the end of a meeting that my father had called together to pray for my healing” (31).

Donna Arukua Healed.

Donna Arukua from Papua New Guinea also shared her testimony with Keener. In November 1997, she became very ill; her typhoid fever was apparently not properly diagnosed until it was almost too late, when friends took her to the emergency room of the nearest mission hospital. The hospital gave her medicines, but because no one could stay with her at the hospital, she was sent back to the Bible school. Between the medicines and the typhoid, she says, she could barely hear or think and could not move her hands or legs. As soon as a prophet named Kindiwa prayed for her, however, she could hear and begin to think clearly, and movement started to return. After her full recovery she joined the prophet in healing ministry, where, she informed Keener that she witnessed many healings (32).

Woman and Daughter Healed.

On another occasion, a desperate woman requested prayer. Her kidneys were failing, and her eyes and skin were discolored; the doctors had sent her home, saying that they could not help her. Flint and a Christian woman prayed for her, and his colleague told the woman, “The Lord has healed you.” The woman went to the doctor and discovered that her condition was worse, so she challenged Flint about his friend’s prophecy. He felt sure in his heart that God was going to do this miracle, however, and encouraged her accordingly. Two weeks later, her eyes and skin were normal, and her next checkup showed fully functional kidneys. She became one of the first members of the new Hindi-speaking church that he started on February 8, 1998. She stayed well and married a younger man (33).

Flint’s daughter, hospitalized with meningitis, was expected to die or become barely functional; praying and fasting, Flint felt confidence that God would heal her. When the family took her home, the doctor cautioned that she would not eat well or move her body; yet she immediately began eating, and she is now strong at age five, with no ill effects. The specialists are amazed, Flint says, that it is the same child (34).

Asian Study on Healings.

It is worth noticing that in one study of healings, “562 of the 604 Christian respondents claimed to have experienced healings, all with positive spiritual and church benefits” (35). The study’s author includes a small number of case studies (based on respondents’ claims), in which a girl dying from kidney trouble was healed; (36), a woman dying of liver disease was healed after ten minutes of prayer (37), and another woman was healed of tuberculosis (38).

Park’s Lump Disappears.

Professor Keener found out that Gui-Im Park was left unhealed “after visits to a local temple did not help her.” Only after the “concerted prayer by her younger, Pentecostal sisters” did her “painful abdominal lump” vanish. Such an experience was so striking for Park that she then begun planting her own churches in Korea (39).

Student’s Healed.

Another young Korean woman, Kumsook Cho shared with Professor Keener the healing of a fellow student she had known for three years; this student from her class had been partly deaf from childhood, wore a hearing aid, and was expected by the doctor never to improve. When a minister known for ministry in healing was preaching, this student found herself healed and never again needed the hearing aid (40).

A Number of Miracle Reports.

“One book (Choi, Korean Miracles) from South Korea lists numerous healings following prayer and (usually) fasting: diabetes; tuberculosis; paralysis; a boy dying from severe kidney failure, now healed; a continuously bleeding head injury, healed after three days of prayer (with the wound disappearing); and so forth. One woman sold all her property trying to get medical help for painful mouth sores but was completely cured after just several days of fasting (41).

Manteaw Heals Many in the 1940s.

One well-known and often-researched case is the mainline churches in Ghana. For example, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, recognizing the healing gift of catechist J. Manteaw in the late 1940s, appointed him a lay chaplain in their hospital. “It is believed that he instantly healed a number of people who had been declared terminally ill,” and the church, encouraging the gift, subsequently ordained him (in 1959) and others known for this gift. In the 1970s the Methodist Church Ghana approved of the traveling healing ministry of Samuel Essamuah, who had earlier been presiding bishop of the denomination (42).

Disabled Girl Healed.

A significant early healing occurred that year when John Cheke and David Mandisodza commanded a disabled girl to rise in the name of Jesus. The girl, who had not been helped by the witch doctors, was healed and jumped up shouting, “Jesus Christ has healed me. I am no longer a cripple. Haleluya, Haleluya!” Revival spread (43).

The Healer Isaac Pelendo.

One may also compare an earlier generation’s reports about Isaac Pelendo in central Africa; he was associated with the (non-Pentecostal) evangelical church. Pelendo was also known to pray for the sick, and many were healed on the day that he prayed for them, including those who had been dying (This includes a well-known cased where Pelendo had raised someone apparently already dead). But while interest in healing existed for some time among Africans in the older churches, sensitivity to African needs has highlighted it in the past half century.(44).

Madagascans See Miracles.

Among others, Lutherans have a long-standing tradition of healing ministry in Madagascar (45). Mainline churches there have healing services with prayer and exorcism, with cures reported for sorcery-associated sicknesses but also others beyond the treatment of Western medicine. Among the cures reported are brain tumors, “leukemia, stroke, and advanced mental illness”; while not all are cured, Malagasy Christians believed in healing.

Many Witness Healings.

Some other sample healing claims in Africa include a child in a Kenyan village, nearly dead but instantly healed after prayer (46); tens of thousands trusting in Jesus in response to the healing of a girl in Jesus’s name (47); or the daughter of Swiss church planter Jacques Vernaud, permanently healed of leukemia through prayer at the age of three in Brazzaville, Congo (Professor Keener knows both Jacques Vernaud and the daughter in question, with whom he attended college, and she remains alive and well today). Africa Inland Church pastor Jackson Mutie Munyao had been taught that miracles do not happen today, but when a dying member of the congregation, Mutemi Mwinzi, was immediately healed after prayer in 1963, the church began praying for the sick and grew as a result (48).

Woman Healed From Virginal Bleeding.

Pastor Esther Gumikiriza prayed for a member of her church, Halima Namakula, who had “suffered severe bleeding for two years,” rendering conception impossible. The “bleeding stopped instantly,” and she soon had another child (49).

Chaplain Onesimus Asiimwe.

Healings are often reported in Uganda’s massive Anglican Church. Onesimus Asiimwe, chaplain to the Anglican archbishop of Uganda, shared with Professor Keener some accounts of healings in his ministry. One includes the disappearance of a cyst from an American song leader’s vocal cords after he prayed for her, with obviously positive results for her ministry (50).

Anna Gulick’s Eye Partially Healed.

A friend of Professor Keener, Anna Gulick, informed Keener that she planned to receive prayer from Onesimus for healing of her sight. Anna, in her nineties, had been virtually completely blind in her right eye for a number of years and had suffered irreversible macular degeneration there. After Onesimus prayed, she had a strange sensation in that eye, and some measure of vision returned to it. While the restoration is only partial as of the time of this writing, the doctor acknowledged that there was no medical explanation for the tested, physical changes in her eye (51).

Kyamanywa’s Heals Leg.

Anglican bishop Nathan Kyamanywa, whose diocese includes more than four hundred thousand persons, notes that in his earlier days his life was changed radically when a visiting evangelist felt led to pray for someone with a long-term, medically incurable problem in the right leg. A man whose leg was swollen, with a smelly septic wound oozing pus, came forward hesitantly. As the evangelist, Nathan, and the other priests prayed for him, the man felt warmth and his pain stopped; within a week the swelling was gone. Until the man’s death more than eight years later the illness never recurred (52).

Kyamanywa’s Heart Attack Healed.

Bishop Nathan himself experienced a heart attack in early 2009. After detailed tests at the main hospital in the capital, the doctor noted that he was surprised that Bishop Nathan had survived his heart attack. The doctors in Kampala provided the best treatment that they could but insisted that he needed further treatment outside Uganda. Despite its medical urgency, his visa to the United Kingdom was delayed; Anna Gulick informed Professor Keener that during this time Bishop Nathan sounded very weak, even weaker than she had during her own earlier heart attacks. Thousands of people were praying not only for his visa but also for his heart, and some felt very certain that God was going to give him a new heart. When he was finally able to travel to London, testing showed that his heart was completely healthy, with no evidence that he had had a heart attack to begin with (53).

Many Healings Take Place.

Reports of various cures abound in various denominations elsewhere in east and central Africa. From 1972 to 1975, Edmond John, younger brother of Tanzania’s Anglican archbishop, had a remarkable healing ministry, leading to many conversions, including those of many Muslims (54). A Southern Baptist missionary was astonished by the immediate and full recovery of two dying Tanzanians for whom he prayed, multiplying receptivity to the evangelism crusade then underway (55). After a Western psychiatrist prayed for a man in Madagascar completely crippled with clear, “severe, advanced ankylosing spondylitis,” the man was ultimately restored and even dancing. (56) A Rwandan woman unable to speak for a year was suddenly and completely healed in a Pentecostal revival meeting, now able to pray loudly without pain (57).  Bishop John Mumba in the Central African Republic reported a number of healings there, among them a dying child restored to health and the healing of a foot condition so that the planned surgery was canceled (58).


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14 responses to “A Few Dozen Dramatic Miracle Testimonies from Studies.

  1. I suspect that tales of miracles tend to spread faster than miracles themselves. Your post proves my point.

    How many of the above cases have you seen for yourself?

    How many were videoed? Phones that can instantly record and transmit such scenes are more common today than ever before.

    What percentage have doctors reports both before and after?

    And think of how many churches in the heart of Christendom could have used miracles as church attendance continued to decline in Europe over the past century. Instead the heart of Christendom, despite over 1500 years of prayer and church-building, has grown colder, not warmer.

    When a healer from Africa or China does arrive in Europe or North America are they able to repeat their performances?

    They did a statistical study of spontaneous cures from terminally diagnosed cases of cancer, and found out that the verifiable cases of spontaneous cures in general were higher than the percentages of people with cancer who visited a healing shrine like Lourdes.

    Craig S. Keener’s book on Miracles is top heavy with tales of Protestants and Pentecostals who say they have been miraculously healed, though it appears light on stories from Catholics (miracles linked to prayers and/or visions of Mary or other Catholic saints), not to mention cases of miracles cited by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Native Americans, New Agers, Wiccans, Scientologists (miracles of healing and overcoming addictions), Tribalists or Aborigines.

    Nor does Keener discuss cases of spontaneous remission from terminal cancers that happen on a statistical basis, see http://discovermagazine.com/2007/sep/the-body-can-stave-off-terminal-cancer-sometimes/

    Nor does he mention cases where people claim an herbal tea or some other food, or visualization/meditation technique, assisted their healing, see http://www.sirjasonwinters.com/story.htm which might demonstrate the amazing power of the mind rather than the tea or other techniques.

    Yes people love to spread stories that involve amazing healings. One such tale comes out of Cambodia concerning a three-year-old healer whom multitudes are flocking to see. But what does this demonstrate concerning the truth of any one religion? And why are there no cases of a limb being regrown in Keener’s book though he has scoured the literature worldwide? He claims there are cases of something like a limb being regrown, and I believe he cites one case in footnotes, from the 1700s.

    The bottom line is this… How can God expect us to know what to make of the diversity of religious beliefs and miracle stories? We are presented with a mixed bag of evidence. http://religiousmiracles.blogspot.com/2013/02/miracles-of-all-religions-provide-crazy.html

    • Forgive me if i don’t reply sufficiently, i only skimmed the lengthy comment you made, and did not visit the links your provided (i will in the future).

      But to answer I think I trust eyewitness testimony unless proven guilty. On top of that there are many eyewitnesses, at times Craig interviews 100’s of them, Craig also has X-rays files of injuries that have been submitted to him, he consults doctor reports, he on many occasions speaks with the doctors that presided over the case, and the people who claim to be healed. Other times Craig witnessed video recordings of the healing events. How else would we explain atheists, and whole villages coming to faith in Jesus after witnessing a miracle if they did not actually witness it? Other times he actually knows the person personally, and can get 1st hand testimonies.
      Even further Keener goes through many other documents by authors out there based off miracle eyewitness testimony. I am not saying that they are all trustworthy, but i am saying that there is sufficient evidence. Hundreds of millions have claimed to witness these events, thats a fine number.

      The point is that miracles really do seem to happen, as shown over and over in the book. If there are multiple miracles that come from different religions, then that proves double trouble for the atheist and sceptic. (these are subjects i will be tackling in the future, in fact Keener answers this objection in his book, but I’m far passed that point in the book).

      Keener’s book is well, and throughly documented. The evidence is there, if thats not good enough for you then thats fine, but for most people on this matter it is more than sufficient.

      I’m not insinuating that your are closed minded, but some questions you ask above go way beyond the evidence that would proves sufficient in drawing conclusions for rational people. You do ask some appropriate questions, but some seem unreasonable – for example documenting the exact movements of faith healers to wherever they go around the world like they are some science project. Why is the testimony of a village, or those many present not good enough? Why is the testimony of the healed person not good enough, or the correspondence with doctors not good enough? Keener witnessed video recordings of those miracles, but you will also likely dismiss that even though you demand it.

      And why does the fact that, according to you, that Keener doesn’t touch on amputee healings prove that the other miracles surrounding 1st degree burns, cancers, epilepsy, blind, deaf and many others did not happen? Is that a reasonable conclusion? I don’t think so.
      In fact, that question I have seen reasonably answered before, you can scour the field for such an answer yourself, until i get to blogging that point myself.

      • Hi James, You wrote: “And why does the fact that, according to you, that Keener doesn’t touch on amputee healings prove that the other miracles surrounding 1st degree burns, cancers, epilepsy, blind, deaf and many others did not happen?”

        MY REPLY: A 1st-degree burn is an injury that affects the first layer of your skin. First-degree burns are one of the mildest forms of skin injuries. We agree that cancers do spontaneously disappear on rare occasions, and not always due to Christian related influences. Epilepsy seizures are not constant throughout life, and are unpredictable. Exactly how blind or deaf a person was before and after an alleged healing is what I might question. As for “many other cases of healing,” Keener mentions a case of a spleen growing back, which we know they do normally.

    • I also think that you need to read the book to appreciate its value, its enormity, depth, and scholarly research. Of course cancer can naturally heal by chance, Keener nor do I claim otherwise (in fact he mentions his doubts on some cases throughout, he is transparent and not hiding anything), but the multitude of cases of cancer remission that occur at the very “time” of prayer is hard to ignore, and defies natural explanation. Besides, cancer is one aspect, there are many other ailments in the book that can’t be accounted for naturally healing, therefore providing evidence for supernatural causation.

      • I have read portions of both volumes of Keener’s work on Miracles, especially keeping an eye out for some of the more stupendous claims it contained. Much of one volume consists of philosophy of miracles. He cites miracles at Lourdes but Catholic investigators only mention about 40+ miracles that they accept as genuine, and that’s over a long number of years, even though over a hundred million visitors have come to Lourdes over the years. In fact judging by the Catholic inquiry itself there are more spontaneous healings from cancer as expected than genuine miracles at Lourdes. And when you look at the wall of crutches displayed at Lourdes you notice not a single wooden leg. Keener also mentions an experiment in an African village regarding praying for better eyesight, and some improvement that was quantified as being better than not praying. What he fails to mention is that people who take the same eyesight tests usually improve their score due simply to increased familiarity with the test and its figures. And optimism can be a factor as well when it comes to taking any test. But the part that seems the least convincing is that people’s eyesight didn’t continue to improve until it was 20-20 no matter how much prayer was applied.

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  3. Thanks for all your work brother. Keep it up!

    Remember Romans 1:20: There are NO atheists.

    May Jesus bless you.

  4. I believe in all miracles. We are praying for a MIRACLE because the doctors have said my nephew Chase has 2 to 12 months left on this earth. We don’t yet know the biopsy results, but the location of the tumor is inoperable and growing rapidly. His parents have been given the choice of chemo, radiation, or nothing. He suffered at age 7 with the 1st brain tumor radiation and continued to suffer side effects through the years. Please pray for a miracle healing, strength and peace for his parents. Thank you.

    • Sorry to hear that Danita. We have hoped, pray to God. If he choses to take Chase home then let it be so, but pray. He is in my prayers.
      God bless. Keep strong.

  5. Hi James,

    Are the snippets above your wording or did you copy them directly from Keneer’s book? The reason I ask is the wording of this particular miracle claim:

    “2) Boy nearly dies from drowning, and a man healed by a vision of Jesus:

    In one report the recovery of a boy nearly dead from drowning, after more than twenty-four hours of prayer, led to the spread of Christianity in an area (Oblau, “Christianity in China,” 414; idem, “Healing,” 324).

    In 1989, Zhao Guifang, nearly bedridden, was healed of a chronic illness (diagnosed as inoperable uterine cancer and appendicitis) during a vision; as a result, Christianity spread and a church grew to five hundred (Zhaoming, “Chinese Denominations,” 450–51).”

    The title says that a “man” was healed by a vision of Jesus, but the claim itself says that the person was healed of inoperable “uterine” cancer.

    Men do not have a uterus. Only women do. If this is your error, its understandable as you are not a medical professional and you did not claim that you had personally investigated these claims, you were only reporting them. However, if Keneer said this in his book, it reflects very poorly on the quality of his research and his claim of having verified the claims. An author who claims to report verifiable miracles but includes a miracle of a man being cured of uterine cancer is a sorry excuse for a researcher, and in the eyes of any medical professional such as myself, makes all this work and claims highly suspect.

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