8 responses to “A Small Israelite Exodus Population.

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  5. Awesome article!I’m sharing this with anyone interested in the Scriptural account of the Exodus of ancient Israel.Bookmarked!

  6. I read through your comments and finding and wondered if you ever factor timeline into your analysis! You presented your facts as if it happened over a 12 month space and that why your facts are no facts but misrepresented if facts due to your lack of proper understanding I should say. When you analyse population, it’s got to be in the context of time and chronology and your analysis is completely devoid of that. Having said that, it is hard to disprove that Israel lived in Egypt, they were significant population enough to bring threat to pharao to the extent of killing their first mail child! If merger population would ever brought such threat then the Egyptian population must be very little! So do your analysis using the chronological time stamp and interpolating the population starting from 600, 000 men that were suddenly taught how to bear arms then do that over 40 years where they fought th battle of Jericho and stop your false analysis. Thanks.

  7. James, how do you deal with this?
    And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we: Exodus 1:9

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