Self-defeating worldview of Pluralism.


Pluralism says that there are many ways to God and not solely one way (as would be the message of the Christian worldview). In other words all religions are equal in this regard. Of course this is hugely mistaken as all religions claim exclusivity, and their own means of salvation, practices etc. So pluralism doesn’t seem to get out of the starting block, yet many people are increasingly holding to such a worldview. It is also odd that they will claim that others are being intolerant when their message itself is just as exclusive as the ones held by those disparage.

However, Greg Koukl (a widely know & appreciated Christian apologist) turns the entire worldview of pluralism on its head after he is challenged on his christian beliefs. The following reply comes from a Live TV discussion that he attended. Koukl being the only Christian on the show was heavily under fire from the other religious attendees and was called “narrow minded”, “arrogant”, “intolerant” and so on – these are usual charges made against Christianity today. The TV show host had to ask one Hindu attendee to calm down as he continually blasted Koukl with his diatribe. However, Koukl, probably expecting such tactics, was extremely clever, witty, and thought provoking in his response. He says:

“If I am a Christian, and you are upset because of my Christian views, because you think I am wrong, then that means Christianity is wrong. And if Christianity is wrong, then that means Christianity is false, and if Christianity is false then it is not a legitimate way to God as Jesus claimed. If it is not a legitimate way to God, then pluralism is false. If you are right about your attack on Christianity that it is false, then you have successfully self-defeated your own worldview.”

During a sermon called the “tolerance of intolerance” Koukl went on to say: “They didn’t get it. I promise you in one whole hour they didn’t get it!”


2 responses to “Self-defeating worldview of Pluralism.

  1. Pluralism states that there is no absolutes, and there is no truth. Which means that there is no reality. Pluralism is a fancy word for hypocrisy, it minimizes and dissembles, even itself. One who is a pluralist may state that murder is wrong, yet in the same breath advocate for human euthanasia. They may even tell their children that doing drugs is bad, but in the same breath vote in favor of legalizing a narcotic for recreational purposes. This philosophy is entirely self-defeating and hypocritical. It is not even objective, or subjective in nature, everything “is but isn’t.”

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