A short history on the Prophet Muhammad.


Recently I have read a biographical book on Muhammad “The First Muslim” which seemed to me piece together a few loose ends here and there regarding Islam’s founder.

Muhammad had a tough childhood life. One must understand that to be born fatherless, as Muhammad was, was and still is a severe disadvantage in the life of the Meccans and the people in that day and age.
His father died on a long, tiresome journey through the desert most likely from dehydration, thieves, or snake/scorpion bite – it was never found out, exactly, how he did die.
The reason being fatherless is such a disadvantage within the Islamic community is that the father provided security over his family, he was the sole source of income, and this income (wealth) was a powerful factor in determining the social status of one in such a society.
Nevertheless, life was a struggle for Muhammad in Meccan society, however he eventually found a loophole and settled in under the protection of a certain clan and family.

Eventually Muhammad claimed that he was visited by the angel Gabriel on a mountain top, and as a result was the birth of the Quran. As he started preaching in Mecca and around the Kaaba he started making enemies as it conflicted with the already existing ideologies. These ideologies were also a moneymaking business for the Meccan aristocrats, and thus, to challenge it would be an invitation to open war, which is what happened.

Eventually things got out of hand, he then lost the protection of his clan, and there were numerous assassination attempts on his life whilst living in Mecca. Eventually he escaped and ventured to another much smaller town known as Medina, and some of Muhammad’s followers ventured with him to Medina and settled there. As time went on his following grew in and around the area, and battles were fought against the powerful Mecca.
Muhammad tried hard to capture and intersect goods on voyage to the city of Mecca through the desert, he knew such efforts would tilt the scale in his favour. However, unfortunately for him, success in these capture and raid missions were limited and he failed often.
For Muhammad, it was around these times that his writing turned aggressive, and thus were such verses of hatred born.
Sadly, these such verses, 109 of them, are the ones that the numerous Jihad terrorists use to justify their murderous actions on the outside world, and on who they believe are against Allah.
Yet, on the other hand the peaceful Islamic community rather focus on the more ‘acceptance’ themed verses of the Quran.

Of course there seemed to be an evolution of thinking in Muhammad’s life from a struggling young boy to an anger fulled man. We see that he preached both acceptance and exclusivity in his time, and this we can pick up and read in our Quran. Mohammad makes for an interesting historical study as we can learn much about his world at the time of his life, furthermore, he has influenced the lives of millions living today for both good and bad.


Let me know your thoughts!

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